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We are a team of creative and talented construction managers and designers. We deliver client-focused design and construction projects, that enhance productivity and return per square metre.


Innovation is the key to creating the perfect workspace. Our team blends creativity, experience, and in-depth knowledge of design and current trends to tailor your project to your requirements, crafting a dynamic space. This approach allows us to consistently craft high-performance workplaces for businesses in Sydney. We’re here to do the same for you.

Diverse perspectives

A workplace is a diverse space. Our team brings a range of diverse perspectives to the design and fit-out process, and it’s these unique insights that provide inspiration for our clients and their projects. We’re committed to creating a workplace that allows your business to thrive, and we utilise our diverse perspectives to deliver that outcome.

Empathy and inclusion

The modern office is so much more than simply a space for work. It should be an environment where the diverse talent in your organisation has the best chance to thrive. Fostering empathy and inclusion is essential in a dynamic workplace. At Niche Projects, we ensure that these elements are a focal point of our approach to design and construction.

Consistent Approach

With our proven delivery methodology you are guaranteed consistent communication, pricing and programming to ensure you project runs hassle free.

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Taronga Zoo
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