A Comprehensive Guide to the Sydney Office Fit-Out Process

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Have you wondered how an office fit-out is completed? Have you been curious about the ins and outs of the process, from idea to completion? This guide will explain our Sydney office fit-out process in-depth, so you get a much better idea of how it all happens.

So, you’ve got an idea

It all starts with an idea. Whether you’re moving into a brand new office, or are looking to strip-out your existing space and refurbish it, it’s likely that the ideas are flowing. Perhaps you saw images of an office you absolutely loved, or want to take a leaf out of one of the big tech companies’ approaches to office design.

No matter the influence, ideas are inevitably a fantastic place to start. However, you do need someone to help form those ideas into a plan, and then comprehensive designs.

Locate a Sydney office design company

A professional Sydney office design company will be able to help you formulate your ideas into a well-structured plan and ultimately, comprehensive drawings. At Niche Projects, our design process is entirely collaborative, involving easy, transparent communication. We’ll apply our extensive experience and industry knowledge to your design, ensuring a cutting-edge workspace and a smooth operation at every stage.

It’s of the utmost importance that when you are searching for a Sydney office design company to work with, you do your due diligence. Check reviews and see if you can get the inside word from previous clients. That will give you the most reliable information on whether or not this company will help you create the perfect office… or the perfect nightmare. 

Hiring a poor quality or inexperienced Sydney office design company can result in:

  • A fit-out project that runs overtime
  • An overly expensive office fit-out
  • Poor quality construction and poor health and safety practices.

Think of the office design and fit-out company as your foundation. Put simply, you need a reliable, sturdy company to work with.

Know your fit-out category

Sydney office fit-outs are broken down into three different categories, depending on the degree of work that is to take place. The different types of office fit-out are:

Ground-up Fit-out

A ground-up fit-out is where the building is completed, but the actual office space is still a simple framework. A shell and core fit-out will involve installing everything from services like electrical, lighting, and airconditioning to cladding, flooring, kitchens, and more. The benefit of undertaking a shell and core fit-out is that you can tailor the space to fit your needs perfectly.

Basic Fit-out

This type of project is a little less involved than a shell and core fit-out, typically including the installation of additional electrical services, floor coverings and walls, partitions, and then office furniture and other amenities.

Standard Fit-out

This is the least involved of all the fit-out types, and the most common. This type of project includes installing floor coverings, partitions, furniture, and decorative materials, delivering a finished workspace.

Designing your office

Once you have your ideas down and understand which category of fit-out you require, the design process can begin. During this stage, you can expect the following steps:

  • Preliminary discussion to gain insight into your ideas, influences, and needs.
  • Calculating the space required, including staff numbers, meeting rooms, kitchens, breakout spaces, quiet working spaces, and so forth.
  • Breaking down the requirements and creative ideas into design drawings. At this stage, there will inevitably be a number of changes based on back and forth feedback.
  • Once the drawings have been locked in, we can then break down the requirements into a detailed budget, ensuring the project is as affordable as possible.
  • During the previous stage, we’ll also work with you on furniture options, such as chairs, desks, storage, and more.

Once we’ve settled on your design and formulated a comprehensive budget, materials can be ordered and works can be scheduled.

Your Sydney office fit-out

The fit-out process will be broken down into several stages and these stages will also depend on which category of fit-out you’re undertaking. 

The stages of the fit-out process

Establishing the site

  • Health and safety assessment
  • Bringing in required tools and equipment
  • Handling delivery of materials (if strip-out complete)
  • Ensuring existing elements are protected.

Demolition or strip-out of existing office (if applicable)

  • Removing floors, ceilings
  • Fixed partitions
  • Kitchens and breakout areas
  • Waste management.

First stage

  • Installing underfloor boxes for cables and electrical
  • Ventilation, heating, and cooling units installed
  • Running power to floor boxes and other units
  • Running power to kitchens, server rooms
  • Installation of hanging ceilings (if applicable)
  • Fire alarms and security systems
  • Installing fixed partitions (metal studs)
  • Plumbing.

Second stage and finishes

  • Installation of lighting
  • Install floors to kitchens and breakout spaces
  • Install door frames and doors
  • Complete kitchen installation
  • Additional plumbing and electrical
  • Carpet or carpet tiles are laid in the office area.

Furniture and final finishes

  • Acoustic solutions installed
  • Office furniture, including chairs and desks
  • Unfixed partitions
  • Decoration.

Final clean and handover

  • Professional clean
  • Defects inspection
  • Testing
  • Photography for condition

Our commitment to sustainable Sydney office fit-outs

These days, it simply isn’t good enough to go without a green and sustainable workplace. We all have a responsibility to care for the environment and create a better, more eco-friendly world. And now, it’s so easy to ensure your office is a truly sustainable place, and your fit-out is an eco-friendly operation.

The best way to do this is by hiring a professional Sydney office fit-out company like Niche Projects. We’ve been doing this for a long time and always prioritise sustainability. We can help you select eco-friendly materials and green furniture options and generate much less waste during your strip-out and fit-out operation.

Click here if you want to learn more about sustainable office fit-outs.

Important questions to ask yourself throughout your Sydney office fit-out

There are a number of questions that you should be asking yourself as soon as you even conceive the idea of fitting out a new office. What’s more, these questions should continue throughout the fit-out process, for they will ensure a better space for your business and your employees.

How can my employees contribute?

Collaboration is so valuable throughout the fit-out process. How else will you know what your staff want to get out of their new office? Ensure you’re keeping an open dialogue by holding regular meetings (remotely if necessary), sending out email updates inviting ideas, and even sending regular questionnaires to your employees.

This will help you get a better idea of what kind of workspaces your staff would like to have access to, what makes a great breakout space or kitchen, and even the types of plants your people want in the office. All of this will inevitably help to foster stronger relationships between staff and management and keep everyone happy.

How will my space impact the way my people work?

The way we work has changed a lot over the past decade. Phrases and buzzwords like agile working, activity-based working, and user-friendly design have become commonplace and refer to particular ways in which offices are designed and built. 

It’s important to consider the layout of your workplace, such as where workstations will be located, different areas for different approaches to work (like quiet spaces), the distance between amenities and working areas, and more. All of these elements can impact the happiness and the productivity of your people. What’s more, you should ensure that there is a degree of autonomy – allow your people to choose how they work, and your organisation will be better for it.

Am I promoting well-being among my people?

The mental and physical well-being of your staff is of the utmost importance, and your office fit-out can have a sizeable impact on them. Designing workplaces for employee happiness is something that we do very well at Niche Projects. We’ll consider all the elements that contribute to good mental health and therefore, less stress, better communication, and a more productive business. 

Get in touch with a professional Sydney office fit-out company today

At the end of the day, the most important decision that you’ll make during the design and fit-out process is who you hire. An experienced company with a great track record and a truly dynamic approach will ensure your Sydney office fit-out is a raging success. At Niche Projects, we’re ready to help. Get in touch with us today.