We consider that independence is a critical factor for smart economic solutions by our professionals who by their integrity and high skill base are respected by their peers in the industry.

It is during the concept planning phase where you can seek to achieve maximum benefit both financially and strategically by adopting an intellectual and experienced stance.

Market Knowledge

Our team realise that understand the dynamics of leasing, managing and improving workspaces co-align with the business strategies, so the creation of a professionally prepared master plan is fundamental to the best procurement strategy for maximising and utilising space requirements.

Professional Disciplines

Our reputation over many years has been for creative lateral thinking in dealing with complex and important issues and we have extensive experience on assignments that have multiple tasks, various interests and stakeholders.

Green Track Record

Leading organisations are demonstrating that corporate and social responsibility starts at home by using their workplaces as practical demonstrations. This enhances their reputations and minimises potential risks to the corporate brands.

Niche believes that their responsibilities is more than just financial performance and consider that community, environment and the workplace, have developed clear and concise policies and procedures that mitigate environmental risks.

Niche is also committed to ensuring new workspaces are environmentally responsible.