Designing a Functional Office Kitchen

A functional office kitchen is an important part of any business.

Your staff need a practical, aesthetically pleasing area to take breaks, enjoy food or recharge with a cup of tea or coffee.

Therefore, when you’re designing your new or refurbished office, functionality needs to be your prime consideration.

The Kitchen Triangle

The triangle has been an integral method to laying out kitchens for a long time.

It’s a simple formula whereby, the space between your sink, refrigerator and stove forms a triangular shape.

This means your busiest points are laid out in a way that allows for maximum space.

The benefit of the triangle maxim is functionality, because staff using either the fridge, stove or sink won’t get in the way of each other.

Modern Appliances

Modern appliances must be included in your kitchen refurbishment or fit out.

This is because old, ineffective appliances will be a source of frustration (and lost time) for your staff, and this must be avoided.

If your workers can’t use the appliances properly, they’ll end up eating elsewhere. That means less social interaction between your workers.


The point of the kitchen is to provide a pleasant, functional space for your staff to eat, drink, socialise and relax.

However, if your kitchen is dingy and poorly lit, it’s unlikely that your workers will want to spend much time in there at all.

Therefore, lighting is an extremely important consideration when it comes to fitting out or refurbishing your kitchen office.

The best lighting is always natural, so it pays to make the most of nearby windows. Alternatively, LED lighting has proven to be the best substitute.

Comfortable Furniture

Seats that promote relaxation are a necessary part of your office kitchen.

If the chairs or benches in your kitchen are too hard and uncomfortable, your staff will probably seek out a more relaxing spot to have lunch.

The same goes for tables; they need to be sturdy and stylish, so do not shirk on quality when planning your kitchen refurbishment or fit out.

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