Fitting Out Your Office: Associated Works

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So, you’ve settled on the design of your new office.

Now, it’s time for the fit out, and the associated works that go with it. Permits, finishes, fire services… all this needs to be completed by a professional fit out company.

Luckily, Niche Projects has you covered.

So, to give a better idea of the detailed process of fitting out your office, we’ve broken it down for you.

Council CDC Application

Before the fit out begins, your Complying Development Certificate (CDC) must be prepared, submitted and approved.

Thankfully, it only takes one week for these certificates to be processed, as an office fit out is considered low impact development.

However, take care – if you commence works without approval, you’ll be facing steep fines.

Once the application is approved and the certificate is issued by the council or an accredited body, your office fit out can begin.


The electrical and mechanical installation is considered a ‘Category A’ fit out.

This will include installing light fittings and power outlets throughout your office space, an essential task for any commercial work environment.

If you don’t have enough power outlets for your computer equipment, your business won’t be able to operate to its full effectiveness.

Furthermore, if your lights aren’t correctly fitted or there simply aren’t enough of them, your office may end up being a dark, drab space.

Air Conditioning

Every office must ‘weather’ the seasons throughout the year.

Therefore, the air conditioning system in your office must be effective. It has to efficiently cool or warm the entire space, ideally at minimal cost to your business.

Most large office buildings have central heating and cooling installed.

However, if there isn’t already a central system present in your building, your office fit out contractor will need to install multiple air conditioning units.

Floor Finishes

Fitting out an office involves installing your selected floor finishes.

There are a number of finishes commonly used in offices, and each finish has its own positives and negatives that should be considered.

The common types of floor finish are concrete, hardwood, carpet, laminate and vinyl composite tiles (VCT).

Click on any of these links to see more detail about the pros and cons of each material.

Wall Finishes

Wall finishes can vary greatly, from paint to exposed brick or concrete.

When designing your office, it’s best to consider which type of wall finish will suit your workspace best, in terms of style and functionality.

For instance, exposed brick goes well with an industrial style, and wood suits a vintage feel.

Once you’ve decided on a finish, Niche Projects will install your desired material in conjunction with our experienced contractors.

Ceiling Finishes

As well as wall and floor finishes, your ceiling finish needs to be considered.

Perhaps it’s going to be an exposed ceiling, to go with an industrial style office. Or a suspended ceiling with standard ceiling tiles.

There are a variety of finishes available, each complimenting various types of office design.

Whether you decide to go for a metal ceiling, wooden ceiling or translucent tiled ceiling, Niche Projects have your ceiling installation under control.

Fire Services

Fire safety is extremely important in every workplace.

Therefore, an office fit out must include installation of all aspects of fire safety, including extinguishers, blankets, fire doors (where required) and hoses, if they’re not already present.

The fit out must also include installation of fire detectors.


There are a number of things to consider when selecting doors for installation throughout your office space.

For instance, should you use glass, or an opaque material? Do they need to be noise proof, and do they need to include air vents?

The requirements may vary for different parts of your office. Once you’ve selected the door types during the design process, Niche Projects will install them for you.

We currently offer free office space plans.

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