Get It Done: Maximising Productivity in Your Sydney Office

Every single office space must be geared towards productivity.

A truly productive workplace will reap enormous benefits for your business, as well as your employees. However, if your office isn’t designed to create an efficient workplace, your business and staff will inevitably suffer.

At Niche Projects, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience in designing and fitting out offices for maximum productivity.

Here are just some of the ways your business can do the same.

Go Digital

Digitising your files is one great way to promote better productivity in your Sydney office space. It goes without saying that this makes it much easier to find information.

If your staff are spending too much time rifling through paperwork, hunting for that elusive piece of information, productivity will suffer.

Going digital will require an initial investment of time and effort, but the results will have an enormous impact on your organisation.

Try Flexible Working

Flexible working is the future, it’s that simple.

Everyone has a different approach to their work and it’s important that modern businesses cater to these needs.

When you do implement flexible working spaces and areas that provide for different ways of operating, productivity will increase.

At Niche Projects, our Sydney office design expertise is ideal for creating these spaces in your workplace.

The same goes for a balance of working in the office and working at home, which will no doubt become more common going forward.


Creating a relaxing environment is a crucial part of maintaining a productive office space.

This is because employees who are relaxed and stress-free at work are always far more efficient at their job.

Good quality Sydney office design can aid your business in forming a far more relaxing workplace, which means your employees will be more comfortable.

Declutter Your Office

Regular office junk removal is one excellent way to make sure your space isn’t suffering due to an overflow of commercial waste.

Our sister company, Sydney City Rubbish, can effectively and efficiently remove your office junk, to improve productivity.

Your business and your staff will no doubt thank you!


The lighting in your office is so important for functionality and happy staff.

Therefore, it’s crucial you maximise any natural light in your workspace so that your employees benefit. As well as that, your business will also benefit!

Productivity is good for everyone, and we understand the benefits of good Sydney office design better than most.

Colour Scheme

The colour scheme in your office actually has quite an impact on your productivity!

Certain colours will elicit certain responses from your employees. For instance, blue has a relaxing effect, while red can create some extra energy.

No matter the colour, it will have some sort of impact on your employees and therefore, your productivity.

To discuss your Sydney office design and office fit-out, get in touch with Niche Projects here.