Implementing Smart Furniture into Your Sydney Office Fit-Out

Smart technology is becoming more integrated into the workplace than ever before.

We’re seeing this in communication devices, computers that we can interact with on a number of levels, as well as smart furniture.

This smart furniture has a number of benefits, including constant connectivity, better health and wellbeing and more dynamic uses.

These benefits are something that every business should be taking into consideration when completing a Sydney office fit-out.

In that vein, here are some of the common office furnishings that are becoming ‘smarter’.

Smart Desks

The desk is one of the most important items of furniture in the entire office.

It’s where your staff will do the majority of their work, and therefore it must enhance their workplace experience as much as possible.

Smart desks often have phone connectivity, charging ports, built in speakers and Bluetooth accessability for your devices.

Moreover, the truly smart desks will easily adapt for standing work.

The ability to balance standing at the desk and sitting has immense health benefits for your staff and must be a prime consideration when completing a Sydney office fit-out.

Smart Chairs

Ergonomics are a must when it comes to selecting chairs for your office.

The negative effects of poor ergonomics far outweigh the cost of investing in the best furniture during the office fit-out process.

Therefore, it’s important you provide the best chairs for your staff, considering they’ll be spending most of their time sitting down.

Smart chairs include voice and gesture-controlled settings, as well as adaptability that allows for more than 10 different sitting positions.

These are extremely important considerations for your Sydney office fit-out.

Smart Couches

Smart couches are a great addition to any flexible working space.

Comfortable seating for flexible working, as well as built in chargers and wifi connectivity make these a fantastic spot for your staff to operate from, or just relax.

Moreover, they’re also ergonomically designed, meaning better health and wellbeing benefits for your workers.

To make the most of your flexible working, discuss smart couches with a professional office fit-out company like Niche Projects.

Smart Tables

For a well-connected meeting room, consider a smart table.

These advanced tables often come with built in speakers, connectivity for phones and screens for video links.

This will make conference calls a breeze in your office.

To discuss smart furniture for your Sydney office fit-out, get in touch with Niche Projects here.