Make Your Office Desk a Delightful Space

Once your office fit-out is complete, you’ll need to begin to make your space feel like home.

When you, as a staff member, feel comfortable and relaxed at your new desk, your quality and productivity will see a boost.

Therefore, it’s important that you have a well-maintained desk space, to remain relaxed and efficient whilst in the office.

Here are some tips for a delightful desk space.

Make Space

Firstly, the key to a workstation that promotes productivity, is space.

Clear space equals a clear mind, so when you ensure your desk is empty of unnecessary items, you’ll be able to think clearly.

Therefore, it’s also imperative that your desk is large enough for you. A small, cramped workspace will simply hinder you throughout the day.


Regularly decluttering your desk space is a great way to make the most of the surface that you have on offer.

Quite often, decluttering can seem a daunting task. But in reality, it will only take a short time, but will have great benefits for you

Organise Items

Organising items like stationary and electronics and tying off cables is another excellent way to maintain an orderly space.

As well as that, it ensures your desk is safer, as items will be less likely to be knocked about, or become tangled together.

Natural Elements

Biophilic office design is crucial for a number of reasons, and this should extend to your own personal desk space.

For example, placing a couple of small plants on your desk will help to reduce stress, and promote better air quality in the office.

Ample light, which can come from a personal lamp if required, will also have a very positive effect on your mood, as well as numerous health benefits.


Colour can stimulate the brain in a number of positive ways. It can promote creativity, help you to destress and aid concentration.

Moreover, some colour on or around your desk is much better than a stark white desk top, dark computer monitor and whatever bland colour your files may be.

Create a System for You

Place things where they work best for you.

For instance, files or other items that you may use frequently should be placed close to hand, whilst other items could be packed away.

Stationary can be stored away in drawers, and it’s important to have on your desk, only what you need. Do you really have to have thirty pens in a pot?

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