Modular Building Upgrades

Modular Building Upgrades

  1. Aesthetic_MG_1804
    • Finishes upgrade.
    • Carpet, tiles, wall finishes, painting.
    • Soft Bathroom Upgrades.
    • Lobby & Lift Lobby Refurbishment.
    • Cosmetic facelift of facade.
    • Signage
    • Increase C to B Grade building or B to A Grade.


  1. Functional
    • Add additional Features to the building ie bike racks, storage, retail café.
    • Structural enhancements.


  1. Access
    • Upgrade for DDA compliance.
    • Access Consultant and advice.
    • Disabled Ramps, Lifts, Lift Car Upgrades.
    • Tactiles, Handrails, Braille, Signage upgrade.
    • Floor finishes slip testing and treatment.


  1. NLA & Revenue
    • Increase NLA by opening up unused spaces or changing configuration.
    • Reconfiguration, combining or splitting tenancies including relevant council applications.


  1. Disabled Amenities
    • Upgrade of Ambulant Bathrooms M&F.
    • Installation of full service Disabled Bathrooms and showers.


  1. Fire Service
    • Report and upgrade of fire services to meet new compliance codes and Australian Standards.


  1. Mechanical Service
    • Report upgrade of existing system to meet new compliance codes and Australian Standards.
    • Upgrade for power saving or efficiency.


  1. Electrical
    • Upgrade of lighting to meet energy Efficiency codes eg Nabers.
    • Zoning and sensor installations.
    • Metering reconfiguration. Adding/deleting suites.