Niche Culture

1. Accountability

  • We are accountable for our decisions.
  • We admit our mistakes and take positive steps to fix them.

nicheteamwork2. Consistency

  • We are consistent in our actions so that our team, clients and project stakeholders feel comfortable working with us.
  • We follow procedures, systems and guidelines in order to maintain the consistency of our work.

3. Participation

  • We participate as individuals and as part of a team.
  • nichecommunicationWe show interest in business activities and take positive opportunities that are presented to us.

 4. Communication

  • We communicate appropriately with our team, our clients and subcontractors.
  • We put important information in writing.

5. Knowledge

  • We share our knowledge with our team, our clients and subcontractors.
  • We only give advice if we are confident is correct and suitable.
  • We take the time to seek advice.

6. Teamwork

  • sustainabilityWe always work with our project team for positive outcomes.
  • We consider other team members when making decisions.
  • We consult with our team regularly.

7. Sustainability

  • We always recommend sustainable building practices, products and materials.
  • We ensure our actions do not unnecessarily impact the environment if it can be done better a different way.

safety8. Safety

  • We consider our team and the people around us and are mindful of safety always.
  • We promptly notify our team if I there is a unsafe place or procedure.
  • We carefully follow all safety procedures when carrying out our work.

9. Integrity

  • We always speak the truth.
  • We always try to clear up misunderstandings and seek help if we are unsure.

tick10. Quality

  • We deliver quality project outcomes and only provide the best final product.
  • We ensure that our team and our subcontractors have high quality standards.
  • We always act in our clients best interests and do not compromise quality in the work we do.

11. Promise

  • We  always deliver our promises.
  • We exhaust all available possibilities so that we may deliver our promise.

12. Learning

  • We are constantly learning and always open and willing to take advice in order to improve.
  • We develop our professional skills and undertake professional development.

13. Fun

  • We enjoy life, accept life challenges and have a positive attitude to our family, friends and colleagues.

14. Gratitude

  • We are truly grateful people.
  • We say thank-you and show appreciation often and in many ways.
  • We celebrate our wins and the wins of our clients and team.