Niche Projects: How We’re Conducting Ourselves During COVID-19

The current COVID-19 pandemic means a huge wave of uncertainty has crashed through most industries, affecting businesses all across Sydney and Australia.

It’s entirely understandable that most organisations are having to shut up shop, to follow the governments tight restrictions and protect our citizens.

However, at Niche Projects, we’re dedicated to continuing business as usual – as long as it can be done without endangering the welfare of people.

To do this responsibly, here’s how we are conducting ourselves safely, to protect you and our employees from any risk of viral transmission.

Minimise Meetings in Person

Thankfully, technology and connectivity allow us to easily conduct meetings remotely, through the use of applications like Skype, Teams and Zoom.

Therefore, we (and you) don’t need to meet in person, thereby minimising the risk of any exposure to potentially infected individuals.

When it comes to the safety of our employees and clients, we refuse to take any chances. Fortunately, with this technology, we don’t have to.

As a result, at Niche Projects we can forge ahead with your Sydney office design and fit-out project responsibly and safely.

Utilise Technology

Technology can take us a long way.

Therefore, at Niche Projects, we’re committed to maintaining a quality Sydney office design and fit-out process.

For example, the use of virtual tours and online shared design is of immense benefit whilst we’re unable to conduct business as usual.

This allows us to maintain a focus on your Sydney office fit-out, without endangering our employees, or yours.

Helping You to Plan

Maybe your staff numbers are falling, or perhaps the current climate is actually creating growth for your business.

Whatever the result, we can help you plan for change.

Re-designing your office is one way to deal with growth without having to shift your business to another premises.

This is also an effective way to deal with downsizing, depending on your financial position and ability to hold onto your current building.

However, you simply must partner with a professional Sydney office design and fit-out company to ensure success through this process.

If there’s no other option but to move to another Sydney office space, our partners Niche Tenant Advisory can help to negotiate a commercial lease surrender, ensuring the best result for your business.

See the Opportunities

Whilst this is a terribly difficult time for most companies, it can pay to look for the opportunities amongst the adversity.

For instance, when business does return to normal, there may well be a serious boom among a number of industries and fields.

Moreover, there are a number of institutions investing whilst stocks and other commodities are low. It can pay to take advantage at this time and set yourself up for success later.

This may even include fitting out a new office for your business whilst employees are working remotely – if your capital allows.

Whatever your Sydney office design or fit-out needs, we’re ready to help.

To discuss your Sydney office design or office fit-out project, get in touch with Niche Projects here.