Office Design Sydney

We partner with leading Architecture firms in Sydney to build award winning offices.

Factors to consider when designing an office;

  • Do you need to Concentrate or Collaborate?

  • Space planning for current and future growth.

  • Activity based working environments. Will they work for you?

  • To Green or not to Green – Consider Green Star Accreditation to help the environment.

  • What Functional Areas do you require – Reception, Boardroom, Meeting Areas, Breakout, Kitchen, Laboratories, Service areas, showers?

  • Storage Space – Is it more economical to store on site or off site?

  • Budget – Yes this is important. Do you need or want the rolls Royce or the Toyota Camry. Be Realistic and transparent with your provider.

  • Light and Colour – Consider light and colour in all working environments to improve productivity.

We ask all the right questions to ensure your office is built right. We don’t rest until you have the best outcome. Call us on (02) 9114 9774 for an initial assessment and free concept plan.