Our Green Brand: Sydney Office Design

Designing and running an office with sustainable practices offers positive benefits for employees, the environment, and running costs.

Some simple initial steps in office design can reduce long-term output costs.

Furniture and flooring fit-out, ongoing heating and cooling, and waste removal costs can all be reduced by using upcycled supplies and effective use of your new office space.

Niche Projects can streamline this process through professional and sustainable Sydney office design.


Whether it’s refurbishing an office space or starting fresh, recycled furniture can make a big difference to the sustainability of your Sydney office fit-out.

Buying new, cheap furniture which will need to be replaced in a few years is unsustainable, both for your wallet and the environment.

Second-hand furniture of higher quality, and particularly made of wood and bamboo is a simple and effective way to reduce the consumption and waste output of your office.

Not only does this come in less packaging, but the longer wood furniture is recycled, the longer it stores captured carbon!

Floor Finishes

The flooring in an office can have a huge impact on its energy efficiency.

If your new office space has concrete flooring, there is no need to lay wood or carpet over it.

Concrete is excellent at keeping large office spaces cool in the summer and retaining heat in winter, meaning less money spent on electricity.

Not to mention, after a polish by niche projects, concrete is much easier to keep clean than carpet.

If your heart is set on timber flooring, a sustainable option is reclaiming timber which can be sanded and varnished to look brand new.

Timber can be reclaimed from waste transfer stations, or from old buildings and houses which are being demolished.

An alternative to solid timber is bamboo flooring, which is a cheap and highly sustainable material.

Sustainable Waste Management

Proper disposal of any waste from refurbishing your office is an important part of the sustainability process.

Our sister company, Sydney City Rubbish, not only ensures that any recyclable material is sent to the appropriate locations, it will also take care of your ongoing waste disposal needs once your office fit out is complete.

That is a key aspect of ensuring your Sydney office fit-out is as sustainable as possible.

To discuss truly sustainable Sydney office design, get in touch with Niche Projects here.