Sitting or Standing Desks?

The debate around sitting vs standing desks is a frequent and ongoing one.

However, there is a reason for this; the evidence for standing desks over the more traditional approach is substantial.

For example, studies have shown that standing for around six hours a day instead of sitting can help people to lose weight.

Moreover, it can lead to healthier employees, a higher level of satisfaction in the workplace and increased happiness.

Below, we’ll look at sitting vs standing in more detail.


Most office workers spend about three quarters of their day sitting at a desk.

Whilst this has been the norm since the inception of the office as we know it, sitting for such long periods can cause a number of health problems.

However, these problems can be combatted to a degree with ergonomic chairs, as well as correct posture.

Moreover, items like shoes can also affect how we sit when at our desks. Heels should be traded in for flat shoes, and feet kept on the ground as much as possible.


According to research, standing at your desk instead of sitting can increase energy levels throughout the work day.

In fact, these studies suggest that standing reduces tiredness and boosts productivity. Workers reported feeling more engaged with their work when standing, too.

Moreover, there were also less cases of musculoskeletal issues, such as problems with the back and neck, when trialing standing desks.

It wasn’t just physical benefits that appeared, either. Staff who stand also reported lower levels of stress, and a better quality of life at work and home.

Other conditions that standing desks are thought to help to reduce are obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and premature death.

This is because all of these problems have been linked to long periods of sitting down.

The Key? Balance

Both sitting and standing for long periods of time can have a negative impact on your body.

Therefore, it’s imperative to find balance between the two.

By providing adjustable desks (or a split of standing and sitting desks) for your staff, you’ll be helping them to strike the perfect balance.

This will help your staff to remain healthy and happy in the workplace, and in the end, boost productivity in your business.

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