Sydney Office Fit-Out: Where Do You Begin?

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A fit-out for your new (or existing) Sydney office can be a big undertaking.

If you don’t know how to handle it, or where to start, your organisation can encounter a number of problems.

For example, an office fit-out that goes awry can be costly, both financially and in terms of additional time spent on the project.

Moreover, if you don’t know where to begin, you can be setting yourself up for failure right from the start.

Therefore, we’ve put together a little guide on where to begin when planning for a Sydney office fit-out.

Think About Needs

Before you begin even the design aspect of an office fit-out or refurbishment, you must consider your needs.

This means thinking about the number of staff you have, growth (or downsizing), meeting rooms, amenities… anything that will affect the operation of your business and happiness of your staff.

Thankfully, at Niche Projects and Niche Tenant Advisory, we offer a free office space calculator that takes all of this into consideration.

Use our office space calculator here.

Alternatively, simply get in touch with Niche Projects and we’ll work through the process with you, to ensure all the needs of your business are being met.

Consult the Professionals

As mentioned above, working with a professional Sydney office design and office fit-out company is essential.

It’s also the best place to start, to make sure you’re making the right moves from the very beginning of the process.

At Niche Projects, we’re equipped to take your company through the entire process of a Sydney office fit-out.

Our design nous, experience and in-house trades make us the ideal candidate to help you make the most of your fit-out.

Speak to Your Staff

Communication is essential and it’s also important that you understand the wants and needs of your employees.

After all, they are the ones that will be utilising your office.

Moreover, having an open dialogue with them will help strengthen the bonds between workers and management.

Therefore, start the discussion early, and ensure your staff are heard and understood. This will help you get the best result possible.

To discuss your Sydney office fit-out, get in touch with Niche Projects here.