The Best Time of Year for an Office Refurbishment Is…

The best time of year for an office renovation will vary from business to business.

Most of the time however, August is the ideal period. For many businesses, the period just after the end of the financial year (EOFY) will be its quietest.

Furthermore, being the depths of winter, there’ll often be much less activity.

Alternatively, many businesses will have downtime in January, just after the Christmas and new year break.

Therefore, if you’re considering an office renovation, you should pencil it in for either August, or January – so long as that time works for your business.

Here’s why.

It’s Quieter

It’s probable that once end of financial year has come and gone, your business will have a good chunk of downtime.

Though it might not be long, this is the time to strike.

For instance, you won’t be losing productivity by renovating your office at this time. Perhaps your business will be running stock takes, or plenty of staff leave.

Shutting down parts of your business for a week or two won’t have the same impact now as it would at a busier time of the year.

That means you’re minimising any potential financial losses.

Start the Year Well

Completing an office renovation can be a great way to start the year.

It will refresh your space, and therefore the look of your business. Your staff will experience a fresh start to the year, both in the office and mentally.

As they say, a change is as good as a holiday.

Not Long Until Christmas

Renovating in August means it’s only a few months until the Christmas period.

This is an opportunity to see what might be working or not in your new office. If necessary, changes can be made in January, likely your next quiet period.

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