These are the Stats That Matter When It Comes to Office Design

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Creating the perfect workplace is no easy feat. There are many elements that need to be considered, and all types to cater for. However, studies, surveys, and research papers are an incredible resources that provide factual information that can help craft an effective office.

Here are just some of the stats that matter when it comes to Sydney office design.

Good quality lighting can boost productivity by up to 23%

The lighting in your office is incredibly important. It plays a very important role in the wellbeing of your people, and will directly contribute to their mood and productivity. Great lighting can actually boost the productivity of your people and your business. This is because high-quality lighting selected by an office design company can improve mood and reduce stress.

LED lighting can save up to 75% of energy

Every office-based organisation must be looking for ways to minimise their impact on the environment. There’s no doubt that LED lighting saves plenty of energy, and contributes to less carbon emissions. On top of that, LED lighting will save you money on your electricity bill, leaving more in your pocket for business expenses.

Only 24% of workers in the US say their office is as good as can be

Office workers are acutely aware of their working environment. Much of the time, they know what they want… and many of them aren’t having their needs met. This study conducted in the USA found that only 24% of workers, or a quarter, think their office is as good as it can be. That means three quarters of office workers think their workplace is failing to meet their needs.

55% of workers spend most of their time away from their desk

We all spend time away from our desk when we are working in the office. That might be break time, meetings, troubleshooting with colleagues, using the bathroom, or printing and scanning… among many other tasks! This study discovered that most office workers spend most of their time away from their workstations. That kind of information is really important when it comes to designing a functional office that encourages employees to remain productive through the day.

76% of millennials believe office design impacts their impression of a company

In the past, workers tended to simply accept the office as it was. Most offices were the same, with little creative design. However, these days, every business is a little different. And the way an office is designed has a direct impact on attracting (or repelling) new talent. In fact, 76% of millennials believe that office design impacts their impression of a company.

9% of employees spend 20 hours or more in meetings each week

This survey by Gartner discovered that one-tenth of all office workers spend more than 20 hours in meetings, every single week. That’s half of a standard 40-hour work week and probably equates to significant inefficiencies. If an employee is spending that much time in meetings every week, their other tasks and commitments will be suffering. On the other hand, if meetings are their priority, your workplace should be catering to this and providing excellent meeting rooms and collaborative areas.

Happy workers take ten times fewer sick days

The happier your employees are, the less likely they are to take sick days. This study by iOpener Institute found that happy workers will also stay in the role for twice as long, on average. This is exactly why businesses should be aiming to create a workplace that keeps their people happy and relaxed. Their workers and the organisation itself will both reap the rewards.

34% of lost workdays are due to musculoskeletal issues

Back injuries, shoulder injuries, and sore necks are just some of the common musculoskeletal problems that office workers deal with on a regular basis. One-third of lost workdays, usually sick days, are due to health complaints like these. That’s exactly why quality ergonomic furniture is so important, along with directions on how to properly sit throughout the workday.

Less than 41% of office workers are able to work privately

However, 95% said they’d like to work privately to be able to finish their allocated tasks. That wasn’t possible for those asked, and 31% of those surveyed said they actually had to leave the office to be able to complete their work. This is a damning statistic that shows just how important it is to provide some measure of privacy for your employees.

Noise can cause workers to lose up to 86 minutes each day

This study found that noise in the office can cost workers up to 86 minutes of productive time every single day. Controlling noise and eliminating distractions in the office isn’t always easy. However, at Niche Projects, we are experts in making clever use of a wide-range of elements to make sure workers are unaffected by noise. These design elements usually include partitions, plants, and acoustic panels.

Giving employees choice can boost productivity by 10% or more

Employees who have more degree of choice about how and where they work often enjoy a more productive work day. They’ll get more done, be happier overall, and enjoy stronger working relationships with their colleagues. Designing a workplace that offers up a range of working areas for people is not always easy, but this is where expert Sydney office design is so valuable.

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