Tips for a Green Office Fit Out

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Being environmentally conscious is becoming a necessity in the commercial world.

Clients and customers are putting more and more thought into who they work with, based on eco-friendly principles.

Therefore, when it comes to fitting out your office, it pays to be as green as possible.

Hire a Professional Design and Fit Out Company

The best way to ensure your office fit-out is as green as possible is to hire a professional design and fit out company.

For instance, at Niche Projects, we’re well versed in maintaining eco-friendly practices when it comes to fit-outs and refurbishments.

That includes sourcing green materials and designing more eco-friendly office layouts.

Carbon Neutral Fixtures and Furniture

This means selecting materials that can be considered carbon neutral through the manufacturing process.

Materials that produce minimal carbon emissions when being made should be prioritised.

For example, select workstations and tables made from recycled wood instead of newly manufactured plastic materials.

Sustainable Floor Finishes

When fitting out an office, it’s best to consult your fit-out company on the best floor finishes for sustainability.

This is an important aspect to creating a green fit-out, because floor finishes are inevitably high-volume materials.

For example, by selecting recyclable materials like timber, bamboo and certain types of carpet, you’re committing to a green office fit-out.


Plants are a fantastic way to make your office greener, and not just visually.

For example, shrubbery can be an effective and eco-friendly way to improve the acoustics in your office. They can help to muffle unwanted noise pollution.

Furthermore, the health benefits of plants for your staff are immense. You can read more about that here.

Eco-Friendly Partitions

Often, the materials that are used to make office partitions emit carbon emissions when they are manufactured.

However, there are more eco-friendly options. For instance, utilise book shelves and fill them with second hand books.

This has the double effect of being a green option, as well as providing books for your staff.

To discuss a green office fit-out, get in touch with Niche Projects here.