2020 Vision: Office Design Trends to Look Out for This Year (Part One)

When it comes to office design, it pays to look ahead and anticipate what might become the next big thing.

In 2020, there are a few trends we expect to be prominent and some that simply continue to increase in popularity as the years go by.

Here’s what we’re expecting to be at the forefront of office design and fit-outs in 2020.

Even More Flexibility

Over the last decade, flexible working has simply exploded.

This involves more employees working from home, offices with a variety of more casual spaces tailored to different working types, and other approaches.

But is it successful?

Well, it’s difficult to argue with the statistics… in fact, flexible working can increase employees’ productivity by roughly 13%, according to research conducted by Stanford University.

This isn’t just a single research figure either. Numerous studies into the effectiveness of hotdesking, activity based working and agile working styles have come up with similar results.

Moreover, 89% of staff who do work from home or in other flexible spaces say that flexibility is a motivation to be more productive.

These statistics show that flexible working could be a godsend for your business, so it’s best to embrace these trends in 2020.

Working with a Sydney office fit-out company helps you to get the most out of any shift into more flexible working.

The Rise of Co-Working Spaces Continues

The co-working trend can be traced back to San Francisco, sometime around the year 2005. Since then, it has simply boomed.

Dynamic spaces are attracting far more workers than ever before. This is usually a mix of self-employed freelancers, contractors and remote employees.

Believe it or not, research suggests that about 33% of today’s workforce is actually made up of freelancers or self-employed professionals.

For this reason, the demand for co-working spaces has increased dramatically. Therefore, many offices are springing up to meet this demand.

Encouraging socialisation and with an emphasis on user experience, co-working spaces will continue to grow in popularity this year.

Therefore, it’s a great idea for office-based businesses to take inspiration from these offices.

Implementing more activities for staff, encouraging collaboration and focusing on a variety of working styles is one way to do this.

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