Acoustic Solutions for Open Offices: Enhancing Focus and Privacy

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The average office is subject to all kinds of noise. Whether it’s employees chatting, background sounds like phones and printers, or the streetscape outside, this noise can have an effect on the focus and privacy of your people. Therefore, it’s important for every director to consider the impact that unwanted noise is having on their employees.

Acoustic solutions offer a great way to reduce the chance of distraction in your workplace. They also improve privacy, ensuring that sensitive information is safe and employees feel more comfortable at work. At Niche Projects, we’ve worked with offices of all sizes, selecting and installing the very best acoustic solutions.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at acoustic solutions for open offices, and how these can enhance focus and privacy.

What are acoustics?

According to Encyclopedia Britannica, acoustics can be defined as the science concerned with the production, control, transmission, reception, and effects of sound. The term is derived from the Greek akoustos, meaning “heard.” When it comes to acoustics in the office, it is all about how sound affects your people and how it can be better controlled or reduced.

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How do acoustics affect focus and privacy in an open plan office?

The way sound travels through your office can have a profound effect on the focus and privacy of your employees. Most of us have experienced excessive noise at work in the past, and fully understand how it can affect the way we work. It’s much harder to concentrate on the task at hand when we keep getting distracted by loud noises. 

In an office setting, employees will probably be reading documentation, typing, designing, or speaking to clients. All of these activities become more difficult when colleagues are excessively loud or noise is drifting in from outside the office. Thus, mistakes become more common and the quality of work is impacted.

Privacy is already difficult enough in an open-plan office. Depending on how well designed the workspace is, there may or may not be private areas or pods for meetings and phone calls. However, even then, these are likely to be limited. Privacy is essential at times, particularly where important meetings with clients are concerned. If noise consistently interferes, your people and clients will have a poor experience.

The good news is that there are ways to reduce the impact of noise and improve focus. There are a range of acoustic solutions that your office design and fit out company can install, creating a workplace more conducive to focus and privacy.

What are acoustic solutions?

Acoustic solutions are any component or element that is used to reduce the impact of noise in your office. There are a number of elements that can muffle and absorb sound, ensuring that focus and privacy are not compromised in your workplace.


At Niche Projects, we’ve provided acoustic solutions to all kinds of offices, large and small. Partitions are a fantastic way to prevent noise from spreading around your open workplace, while adding dynamic working areas. They also offer visual privacy, which is a huge bonus in an open-plan office. 

Partitions come in a range of sizes, materials, and styles. There’s something for every office, whether that be glass partitions, fixed partitions, colourful partitions, or different. In terms of the best materials for absorbing sound, fabric-covered partitions made from polycarbonate are on top of the list. And it’s even better if they are moveable, providing an added level of dynamism.

Acoustic panels

Acoustic panels are an excellent way to reduce noise in the office and ensure it doesn’t reverberate, spreading throughout the office. These panels can be fixed to walls and ceilings in strategic positions. They are generally made of materials that will absorb sound and prevent it from bouncing off the existing ceiling. For that reason, they are especially useful in industrial style offices that have an exposed, concrete ceiling.


Plants are a kind of office design super hero, in that they offer an enormous range of benefits for a very affordable outlay. Leaves and particularly bushy plants, will absorb sound and prevent it from spreading from area to area. On top of this, plants look wonderful and come with a range of benefits for physical and mental health.

Suspended ceilings

Suspended ceilings are common in most commercial buildings. They help to ensure that noise is absorbed when it moves upwards, instead of simply spreading around the rest of your workplace. Suspended ceilings are flexible, meaning you can still elect to install this component, while maintaining a high ceiling.

How do we help you boost focus and improve privacy?

At Niche Projects, we’re experts in everything office design and construction. We understand the struggles that many of our clients have with noise in the office. An open-plan office will inevitably struggle with noise at some point, but this is where acoustic solutions can work wonders and create a workplace that is more conducive to focus.

We work with the best suppliers in Sydney to source quality acoustic solutions. Our design team can work with you to choose the best option for your workplace, and then we’ll install it at an affordable price. Our in-house trades are second to none and we always deliver exceptional work. Just take a look at our past reviews!

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