Activity Based Working

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What is Activity Based Working?

Activity Based Working, or ABW for short, is about letting employees decide how, when and where they work, in different task-based areas.

It’s all about altering culture and design in the workplace, as well as team collaboration in these activity-based spaces.

In an office environment, it involves providing workers with a number of work space options, designed for a different task or work style.

Out of the office, technology facilitates ABW for staff wanting to work from home.

Activity Based Working means placing plenty of trust in your workforce, but can have fantastic benefits when implemented successfully.

What are the benefits of Activity Based Working to an organisation?

ABW essentially means less fixed desks in your office, and more task based areas.

This results in plenty of flexibility when considering office design, or an office fit out. You can maximise the benefits of light, greenery and sustainability more easily than in a full, crowded office.

Implementing ABW in your office means you’ll spend less on floor space, less on energy, have lower maintenance costs and minimise travel costs for staff.

This type of environment also results in a reduction in the use of paper and other worker produced waste, making your company more eco-friendly.

Activity Based Working can also improve communication and collaboration between workers, as they aren’t anchored to their workstations permanently when in the office.

In an environment promoting ABW, employees note improved concentration when allowed to work where they want, on what they want. It also promotes innovation and creativity, as well as better overall productivity.

Finally, in research based around the benefits of Activity Based Working, there was a dramatic decrease in the number of sick days taken by staff – as much as 60%.

What are the benefits for staff?

When it comes to ABW, there are just as many benefits for your staff as your business.

First of all, there is so much more flexibility for your employees. This inevitably means a better work life balance, which contributes to better productivity.

Your employees will feel empowered when they are the ones making decisions about where they work, and what they work on. Overall that can result in improved job satisfaction.

ABW also promotes more trust between your staff and your company. This also adds to job satisfaction and can mean better working relationships between staff and management.

It reduces commuting time for your staff, which also means a positive impact on the environment and results in better overall health and wellbeing for your staff members.

Tips on How to Implement Activity Based Working

Whilst every company and office space is different, these universal tips can help any organisation trying to implement Activity Based Working.

First of all, make sure your workspace caters for all types of personalities. This ensures that both extroverts and introverts in your organisation are able to find a great space to work in, tailored to their working strengths.

Ensure that there is plenty of workspace in your office for open collaboration and quiet concentration, and everything between.

Get feedback from all of your staff, to ensure that their views and needs are taken into full consideration.

Lastly, if you are considering implementing an Activity Based Working environment in Sydney, consult an office design or office fit out company like Niche Projects.

They will be able to run through design ideas with you that will make your ABW environment as effective as possible.

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