Add a Touch of Home to Your Office

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Two thirds of Australians spend more than 40 hours each week in their workplace. That is a huge chunk of our lives.

Employees want to work in a healthy, comfortable space; one as comfortable as their own home. Therefore, more businesses are adding homely touches to their office.

These can come from office design, such as a homely kitchen or comfortable break out spaces for your staff.

However, the comfort of your staff can be increased with small touches.

Think blankets, artwork, comfortable furniture, a well-stocked pantry and a range of other small features.

When these are present in your workplace, your staff will feel more relaxed and therefore, be more productive.

Here’s how.


Many people have plants placed throughout their home.

This is for good reason, because plants have huge benefits for our wellbeing, both at home and in the office.

For example, they can help to reduce stress, minor illness, help to refresh the air. In fact, any plant over about 20cm will cause a big reduction in airborne chemicals like CO2.

Last of all, they are pleasing to the eye, and help to keep your staff relaxed.


The lighting in an office has a big effect on the mood, and the health of your staff.

Avoid lighting that is too harsh, or too dull. Natural lighting is the best form of illumination, and ambient lighting from lamps is also a good addition to the office.

By eliciting a comfortable lighting set up in your office, you’ll help to make your employees feel more at home. This has great benefits for their productivity and wellbeing.

Moreover, it ensures that employees retain a normal and healthy sleep pattern.

Comfort Items

Providing items such as blankets, cushions and desk organisers helps your staff to feel more comfortable at work.

It all adds to that homely feeling, increasing the happiness of your workers.

To take it further, encourage your staff to bring in pictures of family and friends, and other homely touches for their workstations.


Placing tasteful artwork around the office can also help to make your staff feel more relaxed and at home in the workspace.

However, you’ll need to ensure that the artwork isn’t overstimulating or distracting to your workers, as this can have an adverse effect on concentration.


Comfortable, ergonomic furniture will help your staff to feel physically better in the office, and therefore boost productivity.

Moreover, this will help your staff to keep fit and healthy, and minimise days off due to minor illness such as cold and flu.

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