Creating Captivating Common Areas for Your Sydney Office Fit-Out

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Every office-based business should be taking careful stock of the wellbeing of their staff.

Common areas in the office are such an important part of this, because it’s where employees will relax and socialise.

They may also work in these spaces, so they need to be conducive to productivity and good communication when required.

Here’s how to create captivating common areas in your Sydney office fit-out and office design project.

Loads of Light

The more light the better, in any office space.

If your common areas are dank and poorly lit, your staff will not want to spend any time there. That’s a poor result for your business!

Maximising natural light in these common spaces is so important. At Niche Projects, we can help maximise your natural light in your Sydney office design and office fit-out.

This well measured light will help to promote better health in your workers, and less stress. It will also make for much more attractive common areas.

Great Furniture

Your employees always deserve great furniture.

In your common rooms, chairs, couches, tables and any other furniture simply must be comfortable and functional.

When it is, your staff will be able to relax and enjoy their breaks, de-stress and communicate more effectively with peers.

On the other hand, if your furniture is uncomfortable and in poor condition, your employees will suffer for it.

They probably won’t want to use your common areas either, which can end up creating more stress in the workplace.

Working with Niche Projects on your Sydney office fit-out will ensure you’re selecting the best furniture for your common areas.

Colour Scheme

The colour scheme is always important in any common area.

Whether it’s breakout spaces, kitchens, dining areas, meeting rooms or another shared space, you must provide a pleasing aesthetic.

The right colours in your common areas can help to ensure that your staff are less stressed and more productive.

Lighter colours will help to maximise light in the space while colours like light blue and light green promote relaxation.

Don’t Forget to Clean

Professional Sydney commercial cleaning for your common areas is a must.

Regular service is important for your office kitchens, lounges, breakout areas, bathrooms and more, to maintain a sparkling space.

Your staff deserve to be able to relax in a clean, well-kept space. With our sister company Sydney Sweep and Scrub, you’re in good hands.

To discuss your Sydney office fit-out or office design, get in touch with Niche Projects here.