Cutting-Edge Sydney Office Design: Creating the Perfect Meeting Room (Part One)

The meeting room is one of the fundamental parts of any Sydney office.

When you’re completing an office fit-out in your space, you must ensure your meeting room is crafted perfectly. It must suit the needs of your business, while providing a space that will help your meetings thrive.

Therefore, the best way to make sure that this is the case is to hire a professional Sydney office fit-out company like Niche Projects.

Here are just some of the aspects of cutting-edge office design that we’ll apply to your meeting room.

The Furniture and Finishes

The furniture and finishes in your meeting room are so important for functionality and style.

Providing good quality furniture for your meeting room goes a long way to creating a more comfortable space.

There’s nothing worse than sitting through an hour-long meeting in an uncomfortable chair. That’s a surefire way to ensure your staff aren’t processing the information!

As well as that, your staff will be more inclined to enjoy meetings if they’re perched on comfortable chairs, in front of a good quality table.

In terms of finishes, the floor and wall finishes in your meeting room need to have a sense of style, while also being functional.

For example, it’s probably best to avoid carpet in your meeting room if it’s going to be used primarily for meals and celebrations.

Perhaps a wooden laminate or tiled floor finish would also suit the stylistic choices in the rest of your office.

This is where it’s great to work with a professional Sydney office design company like Niche Projects, because we’re full of fantastic design experience and ideas.


Good acoustics are so important in a room design for gathering and delivering of information to staff.

Therefore, it’s essential you hire a professional Sydney office fit-out company to design your meeting room for the best acoustics possible.

If sound travels out of your meeting room, it’s going to distract those working nearby. In turn, that can contribute to errors and lower productivity.

And if the acoustics are poor inside the meeting room (especially a larger one) then those inside the room will struggle to hear the information being conveyed.

Therefore, consult Niche Projects when you’re considering a new office fit-out. We’ll ensure your meeting room is perfect for your business.


These days, multi-purpose meeting rooms are crucial to functional and modern office design.

Your business will be benefiting greatly by implementing meeting rooms that can be used for not just meetings, but also staff activities, quiet working space or other uses.

Studies have shown that most meeting rooms aren’t even used 50% of the time. The rest of the time, they’re likely just sitting empty, costing your business unnecessarily.

Therefore, you’ll be saving money for your business by creating a meeting room that can also be used as a quiet workspace.

As well as that, a quiet workspace can be a great way to appeal to different types of workers, boosting productivity and employee happiness.

To discuss your Sydney office fit-out, get in touch with Niche Projects here.