Designing Your Sydney Office for Wellness and Wellbeing

Employees have more choice than ever before, about where they work. Most companies and organisations have adopted a flexible policy, whereby people can elect to work at home or in the office… or a combination of the two. And while your people are working in the office, they deserve a well designed workplace, conducive to wellness and wellbeing.

As a Sydney office design and fit-out company, we understand how important it is to design with the wellbeing of your people in mind. There are myriad benefits that your employees and your business will reap, if this is the case. We’ll take a closer look at how to make the most of these below, and ensure your office is a positive space for your people.

Consider comfort

Employees deserve to be comfortable at work. Unfortunately, the comfort of office workers hasn’t exactly been at the top of the list of priorities for management and designers in the past. That however, has changed quite a bit in recent years, mainly due to a wide range of studies which show that comfortable office workers are more productive office workers.

The definition of comfort is a wide one, and in some ways, can be subjective. Generally though, there are a few elements that must be considered when creating a comfortable space for your workers. These include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Acoustics and noise pollution
  • Light and lighting; is there too much, or not enough
  • Chairs and workstations
  • The workspaces available in your office.


Noise pollution is one of the biggest problems with the traditional open-plan office. Unwanted sound at work has been proven to have a negative impact on focus, increasing mistakes and reducing overall productivity. Therefore, any office that is designed to promote employee wellness must be equipped with acoustic solutions, such as screens and separated working areas.


The right amount of lighting is important in any office environment – too much or too little can cause eye strain. What’s more, warmer lighting is easier on the eyes than harsh, fluorescent lighting, creating a more relaxing and comfortable environment. A professional office design company can help you select the best lighting solutions for your office fit-out.

Chairs and desks

Your people will be spending almost their entire day sitting at their workstation, in a desk chair. Therefore, it’s absolutely essential that you choose wisely when furnishing your workspace… because the comfort and even the happiness of your people depend on it. In fact, good-quality chairs have been proven to boost productivity among employees, along with a reduction of back and neck issues.

Working areas

Last of all, employees deserve a choice when it comes to selecting a place to complete their work. Providing a range of working environments for your people is more important than ever, particularly as flexible working has become the norm. Consider quiet areas, collaborative spaces and more for your employees.

Natural elements

Natural elements such as plants, natural light and natural materials can work wonders in crafting a more mentally and emotionally comfortable workplace. Research has proven time and time again, that by providing that biophilic touch, employees will reap the rewards.

For instance, placing plants in your office comes with enormous benefits for employees. These benefits include:

  • A reduction in stress and anxiety
  • Better quality of air
  • A boost in creativity
  • Great first impressions for visitors.

Considering how easy it is to place plants around the office and care for them, there’s no reason your workplace shouldn’t be taking advantage of natural elements. They not only look excellent, but they’ll greatly benefit your people and your business.

Think about mental health

Instances of anxiety and depression in the office have increased exponentially in recent years. Unfortunately, that has greatly impacted people around the globe, resulting in poorer quality of life and of course, missed days of work. The causes are thought to be many… but the way an office is designed can have a direct impact on the mental health of your people.

A workplace conducive to stress, with plenty of noise pollution, close proximity working, harsh lighting and a lack of comfortable working spaces, will result in stress. And that translates into further anxiety and even depression. That’s why it’s critical to ensure you design with stress reduction in mind.

All of the elements that we’ve discussed in this article do have some kind of impact on the wellbeing of your staff. Dealing with a professional Sydney office design company such as Niche Projects is the surest way of creating a working environment conducive to good mental health. We understand exactly what is required to create a workplace which minimises stress and gives your employees the best chance of remaining relaxed and happy.

More movement

Moving throughout the day is essential for remaining healthy, including in the workplace. Office workers are static by nature, unless of course, you’ve equipped your entire workplace with treadmill desks! But we doubt that’s the case and therefore, promoting movement throughout your office is a key consideration.

The best ways to promote movement include strategic design, signage and regular engagement with employees, encouraging them to move. A simple walk around the office every hour can work wonders for your people, so long as they’re not disrupting other employees. What’s more, some sort of rewards system (such as a free coffee for the most steps per day) will help keep your people moving, happy and productive. 

Regular professional cleaning

The wellbeing of your staff depends heavily on the design of your office… but all of this means nothing if your workplace is not cleaned properly. An unclean working environment leads to illness among your employees and will lead to further stress. No one wants to spend their day at a dirty desk, their lunchtimes in an unclean kitchen or use bathrooms that sorely require a wash.

A regular Sydney commercial cleaning company is a must for any office. A truly professional outfit will keep that fantastic office fit-out in perfect condition, particularly when it comes to ensuring common areas are as welcoming as possible. What’s more, disinfecting will ensure that your workplace and people are well and truly safe from winter flu, and any other illnesses.

A professional Sydney office design company

There is a real art to designing an office that promotes wellness and wellbeing for your employees. With plenty to think about, it’s absolutely essential that you hire a professional Sydney office design and office fit-out company, to get the best result. 

At Niche Projects, we have a huge wealth of experience to draw on. We use our design nous, understanding of trends, and employee wellbeing to deliver an exceptional design and fit-out process for you. And when it comes to the finished product, no one in Sydney does it better.

For a Sydney office fit-out for wellbeing, get in touch with Niche Projects today.