Encouraging Fitness in Your Office

Fit workers are healthy workers, and it’s a fact that healthy workers are more productive.

Moreover, workers who remain active are happier in the workplace. Therefore, it’s imperative that you encourage your staff to keep fit.

The benefits are numerous; less sick days, as well as more focused employees, improved collaboration, and a happier, more relaxed working environment.

It’s not difficult to encourage your staff to be more active. Here are some small ways to encourage fitness in your office.

Standing Desks

Studies have shown that standing desks are indeed a healthier option.

For example, staff that use standing desks burn more calories during the workday than those who sit at traditional workstations.

Moreover, workers who do spend the day sitting are more prone to obesity, diabetes, heart conditions and mental illness.

Exercise Classes

Organising exercise classes for your staff is a great way to help staff keep fit, as well as encourage them socialise with each other.

Utilise a space in your office for low intensity activities such as yoga, pilates or meditation. These could be done before and/or after work hours.

Walk Instead of Emailing

When we have a question about something, we often call or email a colleague.

Instead, encourage your staff to get up and walk when they need help. This promotes better communication in your office, as well as fitness.

It can also boost productivity, as micro-breaks away from the desk are proven to increase concentration and energy.

Plenty of Water

It’s so important that your staff remain hydrated throughout the work day.

For example, the average male should take in about 2.5 litres of water each day, and a female must consume 2 litres.

Keep your workers educated about the need to stay hydrated, with posters, regular emails and even annual health seminars.

Moreover, ensure that your staff have easy access to drinking water at all times.

Staying properly hydrated prevents most headaches, keeps people alert, maintains a better metabolism and lowers stress.

Take the Stairs

If it’s possible in your building, encourage staff to forego the elevator, and take the stairs.

This is a simple measure that can have fantastic benefits for your staff.

To make it even more enticing, you could create a competition, with a prize for the employee who climbs the most levels each week.

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