Five Benefits of a Speculative Fit Out (for the tenant)

The increasing popularity of spec fit outs has many benefits for tenants and landlords across Sydney.

These fit outs are making the office transition process far easier. The range of cutting-edge design being used means that these spec fit outs are not just boring, vanilla offices.

The positives of a spec fit out can have a fantastic impact on the businesses moving into a new premises.

Therefore, here are five benefits of a spec fit out, for the tenant.

Risk Free & Less Liability

When a business moves into a new commercial space and fits out their office, the responsibility of paying for and completing the fit out rests on them.

However, when it comes to a spec fit out, all of the cost, risk and liability falls on, and remains with, the landlord.

Save Time

Your company will benefit greatly in terms of time, when moving into a building that has had a spec fit out completed.

There will be no delay whilst completing your own fit out, allowing your business to get rolling right away.

Save Money

A spec fit out will allow you to avoid the headache of planning and paying for an office fit out yourself.

That can be an expensive process, particularly if it’s not done in conjunction with a professional design and fit out company.

Flexible Lease

An office which has already been fit out by the landlord can mean a more flexible lease for the tenant.

For instance, a lease period of 1 to 3 years is not unusual for a space that has had a spec fit out completed.

If a tenant leases an empty space and then completes a fit out themselves, it’s rare that the lease period would be any less than 3 years.

Adaptable Space

Whilst a spec fit out can be very stylish, there is usually some measure of adaptability left, just in case the new tenant requires adjustments.

For instance, the open plan workspace can be changed to allow for more, or fewer workstations.

That can mean it’s easier for a business to grow or downsize, depending on the number of staff in the business.

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