Five Common Office Maintenance Issues and How to Resolve Them

Office maintenance is simply a part of life for owners and tenants alike. There’s always something to fix, and it’s important that these repairs are done quickly and expertly. That’s where a quality Sydney office maintenance company is required. 

At Niche Projects, we offer exceptional office maintenance services throughout the city. We fully understand the needs of office and building managers and cater to all kinds of maintenance requirements. Through our work, we see a number of issues that pop up on a regular basis.

We’ll take a look at some of these below, along with useful solutions to these common maintenance problems.

HVAC problems

Every office needs to maintain a comfortable temperature so that employees and clients can enjoy the environment. This is where Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems are so important. Without an HVAC system that is functioning optimally, your office will become either too warm or too cool. What’s more, the quality of air in the environment will decline significantly.

The most common issues we see with HVAC systems are unclean filters, broken thermostats, and temperature controls, unexpected noises and sounds coming from the motors or systems, and water leaks. All of these problems will require a visit from a qualified air conditioning maintenance team in Sydney.


The solution is to ensure that you have a qualified maintenance team on call. However, it’s essential that you get onto these problems early. The longer you leave them, the worse they can become… and in that situation, no one wins. Regular inspections and filter cleaning will help to keep your office air clean at all times, and your people will thank you for it.

Faulty lighting

Poor quality or faulty lighting in an office is incredibly common, and it’s extremely frustrating. No employees want to sit underneath a flickering light, or one that simply doesn’t turn on. There might also be issues with automated lighting. These kinds of problems affect their work, as well as the overall aesthetics of your workplace. It’s essential that faulty lighting is addressed as soon as possible. 


Faulty lights need to be replaced right away. Your in-house facilities maintenance team should first try to replace the light bulb, and see if that works. If the problem persists, then it’s best to call an expert office maintenance team. Our electricians will solve the problem quickly and get your lighting back to optimal levels in no time.

General electrical faults

Electrical faults can be incredibly dangerous. And even when they’re not dangerous, they will probably have a serious impact on your ability to complete your tasks. Electrical faults might include power outages, blown fuses, damaged wiring, and more. 


There’s no shortcut here – you need a qualified and licensed electrician. At Niche Facilities Maintenance, our in-house trades are the best in the business. We’ll come quickly, locate the source of the problem, and make the repairs right away. This means you can get back to business sooner rather than later.

Plumbing issues

The two most essential wet areas in an office building are the bathrooms and the kitchens. These areas will obviously have extensive plumbing, or else they won’t be able to function as intended… and that will result in some pretty upset employees. Therefore, the plumbing in your commercial space needs to be in tip-top shape.

There’s a lot that can go wrong with plumbing, particularly if it wasn’t properly installed in the first place. You can experience water leaks, blocked drains, problems with flushing toilets, burst pipes, broken taps, issues with appliances like dishwashing machines, and so much more. These issues can range from negligible, to seriously disruptive.


Just like electrical issues, plumbing problems require expert and qualified attention. That means a licensed, certified plumber. You and your staff can go a ways to avoiding some of these issues, by keeping an eye out for leaks and ensuring that only water or appropriate materials are washed down drains and flushed down toilets. 

Infrastructure problems

Problems with the actual structure of your office are much less common, but they do happen. These might include cracks in walls, loose temporary walls or fixed partitions, loose tiles on the floor, and much more. Infrastructural problems can become serious health and safety hazards and are often far more expensive to repair. They may well represent a larger problem with your building, depending on the actual issue and the building itself.


Again, spotting the problem early is essential. It can save money and even protect you and your employees in the long run. Most cracks in concrete or brick walls are easily covered up with putty, and they are not a problem. An office fit-out and maintenance team can fix any unsteady temporary walls and fixed partitions, ensuring that the structural integrity of your office is perfect.

Not having the right people to call

Most offices simply don’t know who to call for Sydney office maintenance services. But every commercial business can benefit greatly from quality maintenance services. At some point or another, you’ll need to have the right contact details.


At Niche Projects, we offer expert facilities maintenance services to businesses all over Sydney. Our expert, highly-qualified in-house trades are always available to help. We can be at your place of business swiftly and ensure all of your maintenance needs are completed safely. Put simply, if you require office maintenance, we’re here to help.

Quality office condition reports save time and money

Office maintenance can be costly. There’s nothing worse than moving into a new office space, only to find that there are plenty of existing issues… and you, the tenant, must pay for the required repairs! That’s simply not fair, but unless you have a condition report, you won’t have a leg to stand on.

Condition Reports Online specialises in high-quality, thorough office condition reports in Sydney. These reports will ensure that you as a tenant, are protected against any maintenance issues that were existing before you moved into the office space. For larger commercial properties, that becomes a real problem; it’s not easy to keep track of multiple floors of office space!

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