Five Easy Tips for Creating a Flexible Sydney Office

Flexibility is a must these days… but what exactly does that mean? Here are five easy tips to use when creating your own flexible Sydney workplace.

Individual, flexible spaces

Flexible spaces are an integral part of every single office that claims to be flexible. In essence, this means spaces that can be utilised for a range of activities, as well as different spaces tailored for specific use-cases. In many offices, the former option is better as it’s more affordable to fit out one or two spaces to suit a range of activities. On the other hand, those who have the space and the finances can create a specific space for each type of activity. 

That includes:

  • Collaborative working
  • Quiet working
  • Interactive media, meetings etc
  • Pod areas for one-to-one meetings.

A business that aims to create a truly flexible office environment will need to consider the spaces that they are providing. Working with a great office design company is the best way to make sure your spaces are going to be a good fit.

Think about your culture

Culture is a very broad term, and we hear it in many different settings. Whether that’s at work, in a discussion about sports, or politics, culture is important. But first, you need to determine what culture actually means in your workplace. It may be the way people treat each other, your company’s attitude to work, and the way you deal with other businesses. It might be all of those things, and much more.

If you’re working to define your culture, it must be done collaboratively. That means opening up discussions to employees, form brainstorming groups, and make sure everyone’s voice is heard. When this is done well, everyone in your office will feel heard and valued. What’s more, you’ll have a much more accurate picture of your culture, because you’re getting feedback from every department and ideally, everyone in your organisation.

Trial and adjustment

Even though you have a good understanding of what may and may not work in your office when it comes to flexibility, trial and adjustment is a feasible strategy. In essence, this means trying out certain techniques for working flexibly, and then adjusting them to suit your business and your workers as best you can. What works for some offices might not work for you and your people. That’s why testing the waters is always advisable.

Take for example, a policy of hybrid working. You might begin with a policy that involves workers spending two days in the office and three days at home. A rotational policy determines who works in the office on which days. However, part way into the trial, you find that some employees are less productive when at home, or when in the office. Others may even ask to spend more time in the office, or at home. 

Once you receive feedback from employees, you can compare that against performance and efficiency. Then, you can make changes to your policies, or alter your design to make the most of flexible and dynamic spaces. Don’t be static… that’s the opposite of flexibility!

Communication must be clear

Communication is the foundation on which any form of change relies. This includes creating a flexible Sydney office space. Long before any changes are made, you’ll need to inform employees of the possible changes that will occur. It’s at this point that you can work with them, to gather ideas and get their thoughts on the future.

It’s essential to keep people in the loop at all times, especially about important changes like working from home. This helps to build trust and avoid any problems with confidence in your organisation. Workers who do not feel as though they are being told what they need to know, will be far less happy at work.

A clear, consistent message will also show prospective employees and potential business partners that your organisation is serious about creating a flexible office environment that suits everyone. 

Sydney office design company

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