Five Examples of Innovation in Office Design

The field of office design is ever-changing, as research and development push new ways of designing and building workplaces to the forefront. Being aware of the latest trends and innovations in design is essential for any business thinking about renovating, rebuilding, or designing a new workplace.

Here at Niche Projects, we work hard to ensure that we’re always on the cutting edge of office design in Sydney and around the world. We pride ourselves on creating the best workplaces for the best businesses, so maintaining our knowledge of office design and fitout innovation is essential.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of six examples of innovative designs around the world. Some of these may work for one business, but not the other. And that’s okay! A large part of the design process is deducing what exactly will work best for your particular organisation. But, innovation is always there to provide inspiration!

Games areas

The term startup is often associated with a colourful, laidback office equipped with a pool table or a table tennis table. It may seem a little gimmicky, and might not work so well if the games are placed in the main working area. However, there has been significant research conducted that shows playing games at work has a positive effect on employees.

The important thing to note here is that games, such as video games, board games, or pool tables, should be kept separate from the main working area. By doing this, you’ll be eliminating possible distractions for those who are still working. That includes noise, visual distractions, and even FOMO!

The benefits of including games in your office are significant. These include happier, more relaxed staff, stronger interpersonal relationships between colleagues, and a better overall feeling about work. These days, in the era of remote working, it’s important to ensure your employees maintain positive feelings about coming to the office.

An indoor jungle

At Niche Projects, we’re big proponents of biophilic office design. Plants in the office come with enormous benefits for every business and can be used to reduce noise pollution, as well as stunning decorations. However, some companies are taking this approach much further and building a veritable jungle within their workplace. 

This involves covering most walls with greenery and placing larger plants throughout the workplace. Everything in this environment is geared towards creating the feeling of a forest immersion. This kind of environment has been shown to greatly improve staff mental health… but the upkeep could be costly.

Nevertheless, this kind of design works well for Mind Candy. They’ve even covered the floors with astroturf!

Bring your dog

One of the greatest things about working at home (as a pet owner) is having your dog or cat curled up next to you. Well, some businesses have actually designed their workplace to cater to visiting dogs, complete with playpens, feeding areas, and even cuddle spots. This means that employees cannot just bring their dogs to work – they’re encouraged to do so!

This kind of companionship at the office can work wonders for your people, their productivity, and their creativity. There is a reason that service dogs are prescribed to people with mental health problems; research shows time and time again that being around a pet greatly reduces stress levels and boosts happiness.

These kinds of benefits can be produced with other office design elements. But, there’s nothing like the presence of a pet. This innovative design technique certainly works well for some businesses. Could it work for yours?

Mood lighting

Lighting is a critical element in any office design project. Lighting design needs to be done right, otherwise employees with pay the price. Poor quality lighting leads to health problems, bad moods, and lower levels of productivity. On the other hand, great lighting means happier and healthier employees.

Mood lighting and coloured lighting are other examples of innovative office design. This kind of lighting in the workplace can create a very relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. However, it’s best to only utilise this kind of lighting (purples and blues work best) in certain areas of your workplace. This ensures your people have options and can use or avoid this lighting if they like.

Outdoor working

Some offices are blessed with large rooftops, balconies, or terraces. These areas can be incredibly valuable in many ways. They provide a great space where employees can eat and get fresh air, relax on their breaks, and even offer a great spot for meetings. Large events can also be held in certain outdoor spaces.

It is also possible to use these outdoor areas for work, too. As long as they are equipped with the right connectivity, power, and furniture, your employees can make use of outdoor spaces. This is a great way to balance their time inside, and can ensure they get a great dose of sunlight and fresh air throughout the day.

Many businesses that are blessed with outdoor spaces are able to utilise them for working, to great effect. They report happier employees, better quality socialisation between workers, and better overall health across the business. These benefits are seriously worth the work of fitting out your outdoor area as a workspace!

Ready for innovative office design?

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