Five Must-Have Features in a Small Sydney Office

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Designing and implementing an effective fit-out in a small office can be challenging. Space is at a premium, meaning that every single square foot counts. At Niche Projects, we’ve worked with countless businesses to provide excellent fit-outs for small offices. Here are five must-have features in your small Sydney office. 

Colour and artwork

The colours that you choose for your small office can make a world of difference when it comes to spaciousness. Lighter colours will help to open the space up, which is why most offices will have plenty of white or off-white walls and ceilings. On the other hand, darker colours will make your office feel smaller, which isn’t what you want.

While white is a great colour to maximise your space, it doesn’t exactly contribute to creativity. In fact, white comes off as rather sterile, meaning it can dull your employees’ creativity and drive. On the other hand, small amounts of colours like green, yellow or red are wonderful for a bit more pizzaz. They’ll help keep your office bright, will providing some visual stimulation for your workers.

Art is another excellent way to give your office more character and colour. Vibrant artwork adds energy to your office and is especially effective in offices that are sporting mostly white or off-white walls and ceilings. Avoid darker colours in your artwork.

Flexible furniture

Flexibility is an absolute must these days, in offices of all sizes. But it’s in small offices that flexibility has the biggest impact. Being able to easily readjust the layout of your office is incredibly valuable, because that means you can accommodate more (or less) people, ensure that there is plenty of light and space for movement, and much more. And all at a moments notice!

Through our design and fit-out experience, we’ve helped a multitude of businesses find the flexible options that fit their space best. That often includes flexible office partitions, desks that are easily moveable and dynamic rooms that can be used for a range of different functions. All of these components will combine to help you maintain a flexible space, making the most of your small Sydney office.

Smart storage solutions

Storage is so important in every office space. Without the right storage solutions, your workplace could end up cluttered and disorganised, which often impacts the productivity of your employees. An expert Sydney office design company can help determine the best storage solutions for your office, which is especially important if your space is on the smaller side.

Small offices need the most efficient storage solutions possible, so that they can use space for other functions, such as working areas. This is where wall mounted storage is so valuable, along with savvy storage solutions like under-desk storage. Get in touch with a professional office fit-out team today for the best office storage. 

Quality lighting

Good lighting is very important in any Sydney office space. However, small offices can really benefit from quality lighting, as it helps to open up the workspace and make it feel roomier. And when it comes to offices that are on the smaller side, you should be doing everything in your power to make it feel bigger.

The best lighting option is always natural lighting, which means maximising the light that flows in through windows, glass doors or any other opening. However, many workplaces, particularly smaller offices, don’t have the luxury of wraparound windows. Therefore, care must always be taken to make sure natural light sources aren’t blocked by partitions and other furniture.

LED lighting is the next best thing, particularly adjustable lighting sources. LED lighting is environmentally friendly, and an excellent option when it comes to keeping your smaller office bright and welcoming for employees and visitors alike. 

Private areas

It can be tough to find privacy in a small office when there’s barely enough space to take a quiet call! Unfortunately, this lack of privacy will probably impact your employees’ happiness at work, and may make them a little less inclined to take calls or meetings. It is imperative that, even though space might be at a premium, there are spaces where your people can go for a private call or meeting. 

Private booths are a great way to provide that privacy without sacrificing too much space. They’re not much bigger than a standard phone booth, but offer a sound-proof and comfortable spot to take a call. They are easy to purchase or you can have a Sydney office design team create soundproof booths from scratch.
If you’re looking for a sensational Sydney office fit-out, simply get in touch with Niche Projects today. We can’t wait to help.