Five Ways to Make Your Employees’ Home Office More Comfortable

There’s no doubt that going forward, more of your staff members will be working from home than ever before.

However, it’s so important that if they are working from home, they have a set-up that will allow them to be as productive as possible.

As a professional Sydney office design company, we know exactly what makes an office space comfortable for employees.

And that’s what makes a more efficient workspace. Therefore, here are some tips to pass onto your staff, to make their home office more comfortable.

Natural Light

Natural light is so important in every kind of office.

Whilst your employees might not be able to choose where they work at home, they should do everything possible to ensure there is adequate natural light.

It’s important that they also ensure curtains are open, to allow that natural light to flow into their workspace.

That will allow them to reap the benefits of natural light, which include better sleeping patterns and less instances of illness.

Get Rid of Junk

Decluttering the home office of all sorts of junk is crucial to creating a productive space.

Many people that end up working from home will have a home office that usually ends up doubling as a storage room.

That simply isn’t good enough!

Therefore, it’s so important that you communicate to your staff that they must maintain an uncluttered office space.

This will help to create a space conducive to positive thinking and productive work.

Ergonomic Furniture

The wellbeing of your workers is also dependent on what sort of chair, desk and other furniture they use on a daily basis.

It’s essential that they have quality desk chairs and desks. They’ll reduce the chance of injury and illness, which is so important.

Ensure you educate your staff properly… they and your business will benefit.


It’s very important that if possible, your employees’ workspace is separate from the other parts (and people) of their house.

This will help to reduce distraction and ensure that work is kept separate from leisure and other parts of regular life.

That is extremely important when working at home, to maintain good mental health and a productive workspace.

Regular Breaks

Everyone needs to take a regular break from their work!

Therefore, it’s so important that you encourage your staff to maintain a steady schedule, keeping the same number of breaks as they would in the office.

When your workers take adequate breaks, they’ll be much happier, less stressed and far more productive at work.

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