Flexible Working Models for Your Sydney Office Fit-Out

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The past few years have seen some drastic changes in the way we work. Many of these changes were forced, a necessity, primarily due to the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. However, many have been voluntary, evolution as businesses realise what works for them and their people… and what doesn’t.

The biggest change in office-based working, across Sydney, the rest of Australia, and indeed, the rest of the world, pertains to flexibility. Namely, the ability to work from home, remotely in other locations, or flexibly in the office. These days, your Sydney office design and fit-out can have an enormous impact on said flexibility. 

Essentially, you could set your business up for success… or shoot yourself in the foot! Working with a Sydney office design professional is strongly advised. This way, you can ensure that your office is catering to the flexible working models that could boost efficiency and productivity, as well as create a much happier workforce.

The following are four flexible working models that can be implemented into your Sydney office fit-out, along with their pros and cons.

Remote only / most of the time

Purely remote working isn’t possible for many businesses. There are plenty of organisations that require at least some face-to-face contact with their employees. However, it does work for a lot of businesses in Sydney, and across the world. In fact, more and more companies are heading the way of mostly remote working.

There are more applications and programs available than ever before, which make remote working far more viable. 


There are several benefits to an entirely remote workforce. They include:

  • No need for a large office (or in some cases, an office at all)
  • Employees have more freedom
  • Happier staff and for some, higher levels of productivity.


Some downsides are also associated with a remote-only company:

  • The outlay required to ensure technology is facilitating the remote work
  • Difficulty in communicating if staff are strewn across the city, country, or even the world
  • Poor levels of collaboration for some employees.

Many businesses are reaping the rewards of this kind of working environment. However, we are still yet to see the effects on companies over long periods of time. It’s clear that there are benefits and drawbacks, which can be exacerbated or nullified by a range of factors such as technology and employee enthusiasm.

Office and remote working

The most common flexible working model we’re seeing after the pandemic is a balance of in-office and remote work. That usually means three days at home and two in the office, or vice versa. This allows for employees to enjoy the benefits of working from home, while also utilising the office for meetings, brainstorming sessions, and collaborative work. 

A quality Sydney office fit-out can ensure that when your people are in the office, they are as productive as can be. That comes largely from employee happiness, along with the right tools and areas for the job. If your staff are happy and relaxed in the office, they’ll be more efficient… It’s quite simple.


  • Employees still enjoy the benefits of working from home half the week
  • Can still attend and schedule meetings in the office
  • Lower costs for employees, thanks to fewer commutes each week.


  • If your office relies on a hotdesking model, scheduling can be difficult
  • Employees still need to attend the office, and the business must pay rent on a space that is large enough to accommodate staff

Office only

Office-only is less common these days, but some businesses still operate in this model. Studies have shown that office-only working results in higher levels of frustration, stress, and dissatisfaction among employees… but there are ways to combat this sentiment without going remote. 

For example, you can still provide flexible working options when your employees only work in the office. A professional Sydney office fit-out company such as Niche Projects can help you plan for a flexible workspace. We’ll work with you to design a range of flexible areas, such as quiet working areas, collaborative areas, meeting rooms, and much more. This allows for different environments for different people, thereby maximising their productivity and workplace satisfaction.


  • Outlay on rent for your office space is well worth it
  • Employees in the office can communicate more effectively with one another
  • Management can easily liaise with workers.


  • Employees will be dissatisfied with the lack of flexibility
  • Workers may well leave if they do not have some choice in the matter
  • You’ll be paying more, for a larger office space.

Professional Sydney office design and fit-out

If you’re looking for an office fit-out in Sydney, Niche Projects is ready to help. We have years of experience in crafting effective workplaces for a wide range of office-based businesses in Sydney. We understand exactly how to maximise your workplace’s potential when it comes to flexible working models. 
Get in touch with us today.