Health Conscious Sydney Office Design is the Future

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COVID-19 has changed the way that we think about office design, perhaps forever.

This may not be a bad thing though, as this has resulted in a renewed focus on employee health and wellbeing in the workplace.

The future of office design will involve more health-conscious design and fit-outs focused on employee experience.

At Niche Projects, we have plenty of experience in designing and fitting out Sydney offices with a focus on staff wellbeing.

This ensures that your workers are as healthy as can be at work, meaning a more productive and efficient business.

Here’s how to design the perfect health-conscious office of the future.

Great Ventilation and Air Quality

The quality of air and ventilation in your office is so important.

Great ventilation and airflow can help to boost concentration, productivity, creativity and is conducive to less stress in the office.

On the other hand, poor quality ventilation can wreak havoc on your workers.

A lack of good airflow can make your staff more fatigued, more likely to become ill and cause problems with the eyes.

Therefore, when you’re considering a health-conscious Sydney office fit-out, great airflow and ventilation is simply a must.


Good ergonomics are essential for a healthy workplace.

We can help you select the very best furniture for your Sydney office fit-out, including cutting-edge ergonomic desks and workstations.

This will help to reduce the chance of back and neck injuries at work, which are far too common in offices all across Sydney.

Natural Elements

Plants in the office are simply a must, these days.

They are affordable, they look fantastic and the health benefits of having greenery in the workplace are virtually endless.

For example, plants in the office help to reduce stress, contribute to better quality air and reduce illness.

Therefore, plants are an essential element of any health-conscious Sydney office fit-out.

Regular Commercial Cleaning

All of these design elements are pointless if you’re not having your office cleaned regularly by a professional commercial cleaning company.

Thankfully, at Niche Projects, we’re partnered with a Sydney commercial office cleaning company. They can clean the common areas in your office thoroughly, all but eliminating the chance of illness among staff.

To discuss your Sydney health-conscious office for the post-COVID landscape, get in touch with Niche Projects here.