How Can Office Interior Design Impact a Company’s Culture?

Office interior design has a direct impact on almost every aspect of your business. The well-being of your people, the productivity in your workplace, and the way your clients perceive your organisation are all affected by how your office looks and feels. A great user experience is essential, and this can also have an impact on your company culture.

In this article, we’ll discuss how office interior design can affect your culture, for the better… or the worse!

What is company culture?

Company culture is a term regularly thrown around in the corporate world. It can mean many different things to individuals and businesses. Harvard Business Review writes that company culture expresses goals through values and beliefs and guides activity through shared assumptions and group norms. Essentially, culture can be summarised as a combination of the values, beliefs, and behaviour that your company and your employees display.

Organisations reinforce and practice their culture in a variety of different ways. An explanation of company culture is usually included in employee orientation and any induction material, like handbooks. At meetings, both small and company-wide, culture is often mentioned, though not always explicitly. It may be in the form of rules and regulations, expectations, or goals.

What is good company culture?

Company culture is not exactly something that can be tangibly measured. So how does an organisation define good company culture? Well, if:

  • Your employees are genuinely happy
  • There are fewer sick days
  • Measurable productivity is on the up
  • And your company continues to attract and retain staff…

Then there’s a good chance the company culture in your organisation is great. Along with that, your office is likely well-designed.

The benefits of good company culture

Good culture comes with a range of benefits for your organisation. As we mentioned in the previous section, employees are much happier when they have clear goals, aren’t overworked or overwhelmed, and enjoy strong relationships with colleagues and management. In turn, workers who are more relaxed will be more productive at work, and more creative. Many of these benefits, and great culture, will directly stem from the way your office is designed.

Cultural aspects that can be influenced by office interior design

There are a number of important factors that will influence your company culture. In turn, these factors are directly related to the way your workplace is built, and your office interior design. 

Interpersonal relationships

Quality relationships between employees, managers, and clients, are an important part of great company culture. A well-designed office actively encourages and facilitates good interactions and interpersonal relationships between employees. It does this by providing comfortable spaces for discussion and impromptu chats, like a great kitchen or comfortable breakout area. The right technology also ensures relationships have the best chance of thriving in your Sydney commercial workplace.

Creativity and collaboration

Creativity simply must be fostered in every office, and innovation depends on this. Therefore, your office interior design should be including elements like artwork, colourful and stimulating spaces, quiet areas, and more. It’s important to listen to your people throughout the design process too… the more they feel listened to and contribute, the better off your workplace will be. Employees who are included are an important part of good company culture.

Collaboration is also essential for any business or organisation. Teams and individuals must be able to collaborate effectively on a regular basis, to generate ideas, coordinate joint projects, help one another, and more. Office interior design has a direct impact on your people’s ability to collaborate, through the types of spaces that are provided in your office, and the way these spaces are laid out and furnished. Give your people the best shot, with quality collaborative areas.

A modern facade

Tech companies and startups often have a certain aesthetic that they wish to display in and out of the office. Hypermodern design, the latest tech, and sleek furniture all lend themselves to this kind of design, and ultimately tech company culture. Ensuring that your office interior design is presenting this type of aesthetic is important for hypermodern companies. And makes it easier for your company to show employees and clients that it is at the head of the pack.

Client experience

If you entertain clients in your office, your space simply must be well-designed. Every company’s cultural policy will have guidelines on how to treat and communicate with clients and customers. If your workplace is poorly designed, then clients won’t have the best experience. On the other hand, if your office is comfortable, relaxing, and visually appealing, clients will feel much better about spending their time there. Expert office design is a must.

Office interior design Sydney

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