Mezzanine Offices for Sydney Warehouses

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Most warehouses require an office area for administrative and management operations. Oftentimes, these offices are placed on the first floor. This may be beneficial in some ways, but in the end, they’ll be taking up valuable space that could be used for storage, workspace or other structures like wet areas.

In terms of figures, depending on the size of your warehouse and the number of staff you have that operate in an office area, your space savings could be enormous. In fact, you may be able to increase the floor space of your Sydney warehouse by about 33%, when you have a mezzanine office built.

A mezzanine office for your Sydney warehouse is an excellent investment, and comes with a wide array of benefits. It provides a dedicated space for administrative duties, a safe area for computers and other equipment, and a quiet working area for your employees. It’s essential that you hire an experienced company for mezzanine office design in Sydney.

At Niche Projects, we work with all sorts of industrial businesses to create exceptional mezzanine office solutions. We take the time to fully understand your requirements, and we’ll go above and beyond when building the perfect mezzanine office in your Sydney warehouse.

Mezzanine office design

The first step is always design. Without a well-designed mezzanine space, you’ll be left wondering what went wrong. 

Consider your needs

The first step is to consider your needs. What do you require from your new mezzanine level and office space? Is it the same size space as your current, ground-floor office? Or do you need additional areas, such as a break room or kitchenette?

We’ll work with you to get an accurate figure in terms of space required. We’ll determine the number of workstations, storage areas, meeting rooms, bathrooms and any additional requirements. If you’d like a rough estimate for free, simply make use of our free office space calculator

Too many offices have failed to estimate the amount of space they require. Down the track, they’ve found themselves without enough floor space for workstations, meaning that their workers end up operating in cramped conditions. This can be avoided, with thorough planning and expert design. 

At this point, we can also work with you to select floor finishes, along with any wall or ceiling solutions that you may require. We’ll also determine the finishes and fixtures for any wet areas, like bathrooms and kitchenettes. 


At Niche Projects, we’re always dedicated to sustainable office design in Sydney. We aim to utilise recycled materials, and eco-friendly fixtures and finishes. What’s more, we always help clients source energy-saving lighting and devices, along with water conservation measures. These days, every business should aim to craft a sustainable workplace.

If you’re looking for a sustainable Sydney office design company, we’re here to help. We’ll ensure that your mezzanine office fit-out helps contribute to a truly eco-friendly environment.

Mezzanine office construction

Once the design stage has been completed and drawings finalised, we’ll be able to commence construction of your new warehouse mezzanine office.


Flooring is one of the most important parts of any office. Once we’ve completed the structural elements of construction, we’ll install your new flooring finishes. Carpet is the most popular choice, often in the form of carpet tiles. However, other options are available, such as timber laminate flooring and vinyl. 


The ceiling of your new affordable warehouse mezzanine office will almost always be a suspended ceiling, like you’d find in offices all over Sydney. If you do have custom requirements for your ceilings, we can work with you to find a solution.

Walls and partitions

Once the floors have been installed, we’ll implement the required walls and partitions. Partitions are an affordable option and if they are moveable, your office will be an incredibly dynamic area, with immense adaptability. That means you’ll be able to make quick changes if you have additional staff working in the office, or need a flexible space.


Placing bathrooms on your mezzanine floor is an excellent way to create more space on the ground floor. Whether it’s a single toilet or large, multiple bathrooms, we can ensure that there is adequate space and that they are well-built. We’ll help you select the best finishes and ensure that you’re providing great facilities for your people.


When we work with a business on mezzanine office design Sydney, we find that many want their kitchen or kitchenette located on their mezzanine floor. This is a great solution, particularly if your breakout room is also located on the mezzanine floor. We’ll be able to install a modern, functional and pleasing office kitchen for your Sydney warehouse.

Fire services

Fire services, like escapes, sprinklers, extinguishers and hoses, are incredibly important in every workplace. We’ll install comprehensive fire safety measures in your warehouse mezzanine office so that your people are safe at all times, and ready for an emergency.

Air conditioning

Temperature regulation is a must, because we all know how hot and cold it can become in any warehouse. A mezzanine office is particularly exposed to extreme temperatures during summer, thanks to the fact that it is raised. Therefore, we can suggest and source the very best aircondition solutions, to keep your staff comfortable at all times.

Expert warehouse mezzanine office design Sydney

If you’re looking for the best warehouse mezzanine office for your facility, we’re ready to help. At Niche Projects, we’ve delivered a wide range of exceptional office design solutions for businesses all over Sydney. We’re ready to do the same for you, so get in touch with us today

We can’t wait to hear from you.