Niche Projects: School Upgrades in the Time of COVID-19

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The advent of the COVID-19 pandemic has seen schools shut down all over NSW.

Moreover, the pandemic has brought to the fore a focus on health and wellbeing in the workplace that we’ve never seen before.

Protecting the health of your staff and in this case, students, is of the utmost importance.

Therefore, there are a number of upgrades to consider for your school that will make it a safer place to be.

It doesn’t have to be a complete Sydney school fit-out either… some simple, cost-effective upgrades can have fantastic benefits.

Here are just a few school upgrades that will ensure your school is primed to fight all kinds of germs and bacteria.

Sanitising Stations

The power of sanitising and hand washing cannot be underestimated.

And it’s not just super-effective in the fight against COVID-19, but all kinds of germs and bacteria that cause illness in Sydney schools and workplaces.

Therefore, it’s imperative that sanisiting and handwashing stations are easily accessible for your staff and students.

At Niche Projects, we can install handwashing and sanitising stations throughout your school, to promote better health practices.

This will have a great impact on reducing instances of illness in your school and provide peace of mind for students and staff alike.

Adequate Space

Ample space for students and staff is essential for a productive educational facility, as well as health and wellbeing

As we’ve seen from the governments social distancing methods, providing a buffer of 1.5m between people is extremely effective in minimising the spread of COVID-19.

This principle can also be applied to other illnesses.

Therefore, this kind of distancing should be taken into account in a school setting. At Niche Projects, we know exactly how to get the most out of limited space.

This means we can help you to keep your spaces as functional and effective as possible, whilst ensuring safe distancing protocols are followed.

Moreover, we’ll ensure that you’re able to maintain a balance; appropriately distanced students and staff who are still able to learn effectively.

Ergonomic Desks and Chairs

Companies always talk about ergonomics in the office.

However, at Niche Projects, we understand how important ergonomics are in many other areas, including in schools.

Therefore, we carefully consider ergonomics when completing a Sydney school fit-out, or even just minor upgrades.

Seating, tables and other oft-used equipment must be conducive to good health for your students and staff.

Poor quality furniture can cause issues with posture and the musculoskeletal system, which is especially risky in developing children.

Minimise this risk by hiring a Sydney school fit-out company that understands exactly how to optimise your facility for ergonomics.

To discuss your Sydney school fit-out or school upgrades, get in touch with Niche Projects here.