Office Design and Mental Health

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Through numerous studies, physical workplace design has been proven to influence the mental state and the mood of staff.

Unfortunately, one in six workers will suffer from common mental illness at some point.

This is a damning statistic, and one that companies are striving to improve.

Unfit employees also mean implications for your business – more sick days, a fall in productivity and deteriorating relationships between workers.

In fact, every year a huge number of work days are lost due to mental health ailments –

approximately half of all sick days taken can be attributed to anxiety and depression.

More organisations are realising that the health of their workers should be at the forefront of all design decisions, and more offices are reflecting this.

Therefore, we have some simple design tips which can have a positive impact on the mental wellbeing of your workers.


The psychological impact of colour shouldn’t be underestimated.

The colours that we spend much of our time looking at can affect our mood, hormones and ultimately influence our mental state.

For example, green has been proven to be a great colour for reducing stress.

In an office, vibrant colours are more conducive to energy and creativity. Drab, boring colours should be avoided at all costs.

Quiet Spaces

Modern design trends are incorporating more quiet spaces.

Quiet spaces in the office allow workers to get away from the stress of their work.

Being able to gather themselves and simply relax in a quiet space for a few minutes can be a great benefit to your workers.


Staying active is one of the key elements to maintaining a positive mental state.

Providing an area where staff can stretch or exercise together can contribute enormously to productivity in your office, as well as your workers mental health and socialisation.

If you don’t have this kind of space available, simply encouraging a walk at lunch time can work wonders.


Human beings need natural light, it’s that simple.

Exposure to sunlight boosts serotonin, mood and reduces the likelihood of illness. Maximise whatever natural light you have in your office, and your staff will thank you for it.


Plants can have an awesome effect on the health of your staff, both mentally and physically.

Adding plenty of greenery to your space can help to reduce common mental illness, improve the air quality and make your space more relaxing.

Fresh Air

Where possible, let fresh air flow into your office.

Installing windows that open, or adapting some outdoor spaces for your workers can provide this much-needed fresh air.

If that’s not possible, encouraging your workers to get outside at their break times can have a similarly positive effect.

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