Office Design Sydney: Use More Wood in Your Office

Natural elements in the office have a number of benefits.

One of these materials that we’re seeing more of, and rightly so, is wood. Whether it be your floor finishes, workstations or beams, the benefits are fantastic.

Moreover, wood can be quite an affordable material to use, if you work with a Sydney office fit-out company.

Here are just some of the ways that wood can positively impact your office.


The term biophilia refers to our need to be exposed and connect with natural elements, such as plants, water and natural materials.

Theoretically, this exposure has fantastic benefits for the health and wellbeing of anyone who experiences it.

Moreover, these benefits can actually be drawn from utilising more wood in the office.

For example, with more wood in the office, staff are likely to be happier, more productive, report lower levels of stress and better concentration.

As well as that, natural elements are also conducive to improved creativity.

All of these benefits combine to create a more efficient and positive office space for your business, resulting in a better bottom line.

To make the most of wood in your office though, it’s essential you work with a Sydney office fit-out company like Niche Projects.


Wood is one of the more stylish materials that can be used in a Sydney office fit-out.

Whether it be maple wood for desks, oak beams or hardwood floors, it’s sure to look fantastic in your office.

Aside from that natural connection, wood speaks of tradition, reliability and in many cases, a sustainable organisation.

Use these benefits to impress your clients and customers alike and increase your standing in a competitive industry.


When it comes to sustainable design and construction, wood is always a great option.

Most wood is entirely recyclable, and many offices are actually using reclaimed and recycled wood in their design.

This saves both money and the need to use more natural resources, which is always an important consideration.

To discuss using wood in your Sydney office design or office fit-out project, get in touch with Niche Projects here.