Office Fit-Out: Designing for Agility

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In the modern commercial world, many businesses have need for more flow and flexibility when it comes to working.

The benefits of agile working have become clear in the past decade; savings for organisations, a boost in productivity and happier employees, to name a few.

Whilst it’s not for every company, agile working can be of great benefit. However, it’s essential that your style of working is taken into account during an office fit-out.

Therefore, here are some aspects of your office design that must be considered, if you’re wanting to be a truly agile workplace.

Something for Everyone

One principle of agile working is that there needs to be something for everyone.

That means providing the spaces and the means for all kinds of working personalities. For example, collaborative spaces, quiet areas and relaxation zones.

This will ensure that your workers can choose the workspace that is the best fit for them. Therefore, they are likely to be much more productive, and happier.

Work with an office fit-out company to ensure you are providing for all of your employees.

Technology is a Must

Agile working cannot function properly without the correct technology.

Therefore, when you are undergoing an office fit-out, you must install the very best internet, hardware and spaces in your office for a server room.

Without this technology, your workers will not be able to operate effectively away from static workstations.

Vary Your Furniture

It’s crucial that your employees are comfortable throughout the workday.

Furthermore, you must ensure that the furniture you provide for your staff is having a positive effect on their health and wellbeing.

Poor quality furniture can wreak havoc on your workers’ backs, as well as contribute to a rise in stress levels.

When you’re completing an office fit-out with the aim of being an agile company, you have to provide a variety of quality furniture.

For instance, couches, standing and sitting desks and benches will all help to ensure that all of your workers have their needs met.

To discuss creating an agile workplace and your office fit-out, get in touch with Niche Projects here.