Office Redecoration at the End of Your Commercial Lease

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There are a number of actions you’ll need to take at the end of your Sydney commercial lease. You will need to remove all of your furniture and conduct an office relocation, plan out the move to reduce impact on productivity, and redecorate the space.

The latter can depend on the original commercial lease agreement that you signed, but usually, you will need to either strip-out the office and conduct an entire makegood, or redecorate. When it comes to office redecorating, it’s much more time-efficient to work with a professional office decorating company.

We’ll ensure that your office is returned to its original condition and looks good as new, and we’ll save you money in the process. We’ll also ensure that you can focus on your main operations, maintain a smooth business relocation and enjoy the benefits of an exceptional office redecoration. 


Every office redecoration will include a new coat of paint. You might have seen the effects at home, and the same applies to the workplace… a fresh coat of paint can work wonders! And in a busy office, walls and doors will inevitably collect all kinds of marks that will need to be painted over. At the end of your lease, call the professionals.

We offer professional painting services, guaranteed to return your workplace to its former glory. Our in-house design and redecorating team will work with you to select the right colours and styles for your former workplace. This means that when the paint dries, your landlord will be more than impressed.

On the other hand, if you do attempt to paint yourself, or hire a less experienced contractor, the end result may be disastrous. Someone who doesn’t know what they are doing could select the wrong colours, leave your walls streaky, or even cause more damage than there originally was.

Floor finishes

The floor finishes in your office will inevitably get a workout during your tenancy. Whether your floors are carpet, timber, polished concrete, stone or tiles, they may well need to be replaced when you move on to a new commercial premises. This is where professional office redecorators are incredibly important. 

At Niche Projects, we’re experts in refurbishing and redecorating Sydney offices for businesses who are vacating their premises. We’ve worked with countless clients in Sydney to repair and replace their floor finishes, offering the highest quality products and impeccable design.

Some of the floor finishes that may be present in your office are:

  • Carpet
  • Carpet tiles
  • Vinyl
  • Floating timber floors
  • Laminate
  • Tiles
  • Stone
  • Polished concrete.

We can work with you to ensure that your floors are left in pristine condition. And where required, we can replace your floor finishes, meaning a happy landlord.

Window cleaning

Window cleaning may seem like a small step. However, the cleanliness (or lack thereof) of your office windows is important when ending your tenancy. Windows should always be left clean, but this can be a tough ask when your office space is in a high-rise building. This is where professional office window cleaning in Sydney is imperative.

Clean windows make an office look infinitely better, but getting it done can be tough. That’s where we can help. We work with the best Sydney office window cleaning contractors in the business. They regularly work from height, providing an exceptional clean with the latest equipment and expertise. 

Office partitions

Office partitions are a great way to create different spaces throughout your office, particularly if this is something that your landlord requests, or had previously. We can help handpick the best partitions for your workplace, so that when you vacate the building, the space will be ready for another business.

If you’re looking to refurbish your office and create a different feel for your employees, partitions are an excellent option. We’ve helped many clients to adapt to a more flexible working environment by utilising partitions to divide areas, eliminate noise pollution and create a more relaxing space for employees.

Professional Sydney office redecoration

If you’ve come to the end of your Sydney office lease, you’ll probably need to strip-out or redecorate the space. This is where professional Sydney office redecoration is an absolute must. For all of your office redecoration and refurbishment needs, get in touch with Niche Projects today. We can’t wait to hear from you.