Office Soundproofing Sydney

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Every workplace has some degree of noise. For many workplaces, noise is simply a part of the environment and doesn’t really impact people’s ability to do their job. For instance, a construction site, a schoolyard, and a shopping mall are all work environments that contain significant noise levels and are mostly unaffected by it.

Offices though, are a completely different story.

Depending on the type of business, some office floors may be loud, busy places. Employees may need to communicate loudly, on a regular basis, to complete their tasks. But in the majority of cases, noise pollution in an office has a seriously detrimental effect on the concentration and productivity of workers.

Let’s take an in-depth look at this below.

Why do you need soundproofing in your Sydney office?

There have been a huge number of studies conducted on the impact of noise in the office. One study by Bond University found that excessive noise impacts a person’s ability to concentrate, increases the likelihood of errors, and worsens mood. This is just one of countless studies, and it’s clear that if you have excess noise in your office, something needs to be done.

It would be fantastic and cost-effective if the sources of noise pollution simply stopped creating this noise. However, that is easier said than done… and people’s voices cannot simply be switched off. Unfortunately, no matter how many times you tell your employees to keep it down, the noise will return.

Creating specific quiet working spaces is an option. But it’s not always the right option for every business. Some offices simply do not have the additional space to create new, sealed-off areas for quiet working. Others just don’t want to. They’d much prefer their main working floor to be quieter than it is.

Enter office soundproofing.

At Niche Projects, we’ve helped a number of Sydney commercial businesses soundproof their offices. We use the best soundproofing devices and materials to reduce noise in your office, and allow your people to do their jobs in peace. In the end, you’ll see higher levels of productivity, fewer mistakes, and happier employees.

How do we soundproof your office?

The first step is to take a close look at your workplace, floor plans, and any other important documentation and drawings. You’ll be able to tell us about the problem areas and the sources of the noise. All of this will help us to identify the best areas to implement soundproofing materials… including on walls, ceilings, and even floors.

Once the best strategy has been identified, we’ll select the best material for your office. At Niche Projects, we make use of:

  • Sound Check – a type of plasterboard that is specifically designed to muffle sound and improve acoustics in your office. We often install this component at the office fit-out stage.
  • Wave Bar – this is a rubber layer that is installed between the grid ceiling and the concrete slab above. It absorbs the noise that rises toward the ceiling and prevents that sound from bouncing around the office.
  • Wall Insulation – a common feature of virtually every office fit-out, insulation helps to muffle the spread of unwanted noise. It also works to maintain the temperature in your office and reduces heating and cooling costs.
  • Acoustic Panels – these come in many forms, and can be custom-made to suit the existing aesthetic of your office. They are made from a sound-absorbing material like fibreglass covered with fabric and can be mounted on your walls or ceilings.

When we’ve selected the right option for your office, in terms of functionality and aesthetics, we’ll be able to install it. The installation process will be swift and easy, and we’ll ensure minimal impact on your workspace.

Get in touch with us for an office soundproofing quote today.

What are the benefits of office soundproofing?

Reducing the noise pollution in your office can come with a wide array of benefits. In the end, office soundproofing is always a fantastic idea.

Happier employees

Employees who work in a loud office and are constantly being interrupted throughout the work day, are not happy. Alternatively, people who work in an office where noise reduction is taken seriously, are happier. They are more satisfied with their environment, and they are happy to be able to complete their work without fear of distraction.

Fewer errors

Noise in the office directly causes an increase in errors. These errors are usually work-related, such as typos and sending emails to the incorrect address. However, they can be more serious, such as losing concentration while lifting a heavy box. Those kinds of errors can result in accidents and injuries. It goes without saying that this must be avoided at all costs.

Less impact on hearing

While the volume of noise in an office is usually far less than in an industrial workplace, it can still cause long-term damage to your hearing. Therefore, taking measures to soundproof your office will be better for the auditory systems of your employees in the long run.

A more relaxed environment

This study found that when noise absorption materials were used in the office, employees reported less cognitive stress while working. It concluded that utilising noise absorption materials in the office can indeed have a positive effect on the stress levels of workers. Employees in a quiet office have been proven to have better mental health, and less instances of anxiety were reported.

Need Sydney office soundproofing?

Keeping the noise down in your office becomes much easier with expert office soundproofing services. At Niche Projects, we offer a range of exceptional soundproofing solutions for Sydney offices big and small. Get in touch today for an obligation-free quote. We’d love to hear from you.