Partitions in the Office: The New Normal?

Desk partitions in the office will become much more common in the near future.

We’re already seeing a number of offices across the world adapting to a new way of office design.

They’re using social distancing, partitions and other methods to help ensure staff are safe and healthy at work.

Partitions are a great way to protect your staff from particles that can become airborne when we cough, sneeze or even speak.

They come in a wide range of materials and sizes and there’s always a perfect option for your Sydney office space.

At Niche Projects, we’re ready to help design and upgrade your Sydney office to fit your needs.

Glass Partitions

Glass partitions are sturdy and stylish.

Moreover, the biggest advantage is that they won’t block out important light. They’ll allow your employees to be able to see each other too.

That interaction is important for your workers mental health and happiness.

Wood Partitions

Wood partitions will do the same job as glass partitions.

However, this material is more sustainable and is likely to give your partitions a classier appeal.

That means they’ll work very well in an office that is designed for tradition and uses plenty of earthy colours and materials.

Aluminium Partitions

Aluminium desk partitions are very durable and lightweight.

They’re easy to install and alter when required. These are also some of the most affordable partitions available.

On the other hand, being opaque means your workers may well feel cut off from one another, which can create other problems.

Perspex Partitions

Perspex partitions offer similar benefits to glass partitions, in that your staff will be protected but still able to see each other.

They’re cheaper than glass and lightweight, making them easier to install. Moreover, they’ll protect your workers from those nasty elements.

This is absolutely essential going forward.

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