Professional Maintenance for Your Sydney Office Bathrooms

Office bathrooms see regular traffic every day, so it’s important you keep these spaces in fantastic condition at all times.

If you have any damage that needs attention in your office common areas, Niche Projects are ready to help.

We Can Repair Anything

No matter what’s gone wrong in your office bathrooms, we can fix it.

At Niche Projects, we have a roster of in-house trades, covering all kinds of required repairs and maintenance for your office bathrooms.

Our qualified workers will take on any repair tasks and you can rest easy knowing that you’ll always be in good hands.


The tiles in your bathroom can wear and crack with use. As well as that, grout can fall out of the gaps between tiles.

That can create issues around mould and further damage to tiles and even compromised waterproofing.


No one wants a faulty tap, sink, toilet or shower in their work bathrooms.

Our plumbers can fix these issues quickly and competently, to protect your office bathrooms from damage and ensure they are never out of order.


Cabinetry can come loose or break easily, especially if your original office fit-out wasn’t of a high quality.

Thankfully, at Niche Projects, our carpenters can easily repair any issues with your cabinetry and joinery that might crop up.

Health and Safety

The bathrooms in your office need to well maintained at all times, particularly because a lack of office maintenance can become a health and safety concern.

If you have loose tiles on your floors or walls, they can become a serious hazard to staff, or anyone else that uses your bathrooms.

These issues can create a trip and fall hazard, as well as the potential for lacerations from broken tiles and other sharp edges.

Leaks can also become slip and fall risks, as well as releasing moisture into your bathrooms that contributes to mould later on.

All of these factors can threaten the wellbeing of your workers and therefore, must be dealt with swiftly and comprehensively.

Regular Commercial Cleaning

Regular professional commercial cleaning is essential to maintaining a bathroom in your Sydney office space or workplace.

Our sister company, Sydney Sweep and Scrub, offers an exceptional commercial cleaning service for office bathrooms.

Cleaning will help to ensure your fixtures and finishes are in as good condition as possible and will contribute to reducing the need for repairs down the track.

To discuss professional maintenance or repairs for your Sydney office bathrooms, get in touch with Niche Projects here.