Redesigning Your Sydney Office is a Good Investment, and This is Why

There are many ways to reinvest in your business. One of the best is investing in a refurbishment or re-design of your workplace… and this kind of investment can come with a range of benefits, and a strong overall return. Working with an expert office design company is the best way to ensure that this investment is a smart one.

At Niche Projects, we’ve worked with countless businesses across Sydney, helping them to achieve their aims when redesigning their workplace. These businesses have invested wisely, and always reap the benefits of a refurbishment. Here are just some of those benefits.

Add value to your workplace

A quality refurbishment or fit-out will inevitably add value to your workspace. If you own your space, then a redesign can really increase the resale value of your office. If you are leasing your commercial space, redesigning often results in happier landlords, who are then much less likely to request that you strip-out the office upon vacating.

A strip-out or a less-than-clear makegood clause can be very costly for businesses, so ensuring that your office is in wonderful condition goes a long way towards saving money for you and your organisation.

Improve staff happiness

Happy staff must be one of the highest priorities for every business and management team. Fortunately, a well-designed and refurbished office will usually lead to a happier workforce, especially when you ensure they have a voice in the design and brainstorming process.

Employee retention

Another benefit of happier people is better employee retention. There aren’t many things worse for a business than a really high turnover of workers. This affects the momentum of your business, because new employees are continuously needing to be trained and exposed to different processes in your office.

Workers leave companies for a number of reasons, but the physical workspace is one of the most notable. For example, poor workplace experience is one of the top ten reasons as to why people want to (or do) leave their company for greener pastures. Therefore, investing in your office refurbishment can have a direct, positive impact on employee retention.

An expert Sydney office design company is necessary when reworking your premises. If you fail to use a company that is experienced, and has the right expertise and knowledge, you’ll be placing your business in a much stronger position going forward. That means a workforce that is much more likely to stay in the one place.

Attract top talent

Bringing in the best is a really important part of running a successful business. Your organisation deserves highly-qualified, innovative people, and a quality office will help to attract and retain them. If you’re not able to attract employees like this, there’s a good chance that your company will be underperforming consistently.

When prospective employees visit your organisation for an initial interview, they’ll be taking a careful look at your office and facilities. If they like what they see, they’re much more likely to accept a role with your organisation, if you make that offer. On the other hand, if your office is less than desirable, they’ll be more than happy to say no, and decline any offers that come their way.

Investing in an office refurbishment makes it much more likely that you’ll attract top talent to your organisation. And when you are able to pick and choose the talent that you bring into your company, it’s much more likely that your productivity will benefit, and your business will continue to innovate and grow. That’s a fantastic return on your office redesign investment.

Offer up different kinds of workspaces

Research has shown time and time again that employees greatly benefit from a workplace that contains a range of different spaces. This is because everyone works differently, and people thrive by working in different ways. Quiet spaces for example, can have a fantastic benefit for your people and your business, and investing in a Sydney office refurbishment that includes these spaces can have wonderful benefits.

The most important thing is that you plan thoroughly before beginning a refurbishment. Carefully consider the right spaces for your particular employees… do they do better in quiet, relaxing spaces? Or are they better suited to collaborative, louder areas? Doing your research will ensure that when you do redesign your space, you’re making a smart investment. Your people will thank you, and your business will likely see increased efficiency and happiness!

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