Sydney Office Design: Easy Ways to Impress with Your Reception Area

The reception area or lobby of your Sydney office is a crucial part of your business.

Being the first point of call for essentially all of your visitors (as well as staff), means it must be an impressive space.

If it is, it’ll have a direct impact on the reputation of your business. If it isn’t, clients and customers could well be turned off working with you.

Therefore, it’s essential that you ensure your Sydney office fit-out does not neglect your reception area.

Here are some easy ways to impress and reap the benefits of a fantastic reception area.

Fabulous Furniture

The furniture in your office reception area must look great, but also be functional.

There’s nothing worse for clients and customers, or potential employees, than waiting on an uncomfortable chair or couch.

The same goes for any tables or coffee tables that might be sitting in your reception area. Make sure they look great and are clean at all times.

Funky and functional furniture will be sure to impress and show that your organisation has taste when it comes to design.

Show Off Your Brand

Your reception area is a great opportunity to show of your brand.

Whether it be signage, stationary, snacks or other items, ensure that any visitors are aware of the presence of your brand.

Moreover, it’s also a great chance to reiterate what your business is about. A relaxing reception area with comfortable furniture shows that your organisation is all about creating a stress-free atmosphere.

On the other hand, tradition might be the cornerstone of your company. Therefore, pictures and plaques with company history can show visitors that they are visiting a truly traditional business.

Don’t miss out on these opportunities when designing your Sydney office reception area.

Bring Nature Inside

Similar to the office proper, natural elements in your reception area can have a great impact on your staff, as well as visitors.

Plenty of plants will show that your business is committed to creating a space that is truly in touch with nature.

Moreover, the health benefits of placing more plants in your office are immense.

For example, the positives for your staff include better quality air, less instances of minor illness, less fatigue and lower levels of stress.

Ensure you have an optimum amount of greenery in your office reception area by working with a Sydney office design company like Niche Projects.

To discuss your Sydney office fit-out, get in touch with Niche Projects here.