Sydney Office Design: Socially Distanced Workplaces

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Social distancing has worked wonders in the fight against COVID-19, in Australia and around the world.

When people begin to return to their offices, we’ll see this distancing implemented in a way like never before.

For the health and safety of your staff, as well as the continued productivity of your business, it’s essential you consider socially distanced office design for your premises.

At Niche Projects, we have an intimate understanding of how to create functional, socially distanced office spaces that work wonders for your business.

Here are just some of the ways to optimise your office for social distancing.

Appropriate Space

The 1.5m distancing rule isn’t just applicable in everyday life. It actually works wonders in an office setting as well.

When reconfiguring or redesigning your Sydney office, ensure that there is adequate space between each desk or workspace.

This helps to prevent the spread of germs through particles that become airborne when someone coughs or sneezes.

To optimise your space efficiently and avoid this risk, it’s essential that you hire a professional Sydney office fit-out company.

Reduce Visitor Access

Limiting the number of people who enter your office has a direct impact on your ability to lower the risk of illness.

You can limit the number of visitors in an area at one time, as well as only allow visitors in one or two specific parts of your office.

This will ensure your staff are not unnecessarily exposed to risk. It also helps to maintain your reputation as a professional and responsible organisation.

Educate Your Staff

Education is one of the most effective tools in fighting COVID-19, as well as any other illness that might appear in the office.

Therefore, it’s essential to ensure you have an open and constant dialogue with your workers. This must entail the best day to day practices to reduce the chance of catching or spreading illness.

Moreover, it’s important to communicate to your staff the reasons behind a socially distanced office. At Niche Projects, we can help you identify the benefits of your socially distanced office design or Sydney office fit-out.

Hire a Sydney Office Design Company

At Niche Projects, we’re well versed in all kinds of office design and office fit-outs. This includes creating the ideal socially distanced workplace for your company.

The benefits that come with working with a truly professional design company include less illness, happier and safer staff, and a more productive business.

Ensure your Sydney office fit-out is as effective as possible by working with Niche Projects.

Stagger Hours

Staggering the working hours of your employees can have a fantastic impact on their health and wellbeing.

First and foremost, it enhances the effect of distanced workstations. This is because throughout the workday, a larger number of desks could be empty due to later or earlier starters.

Furthermore, staggering hours helps to create more flexible working. When staff are able to pick hours to suit them, they’ll be more efficient and happier in their roles.

Those benefits, as a result of such a simple change, are hard to ignore.

To discuss optimising your Sydney office fit-out for social distancing, get in touch with Niche Projects here.