Sydney Office Design: Tips for a More Productive Home Office (Part Three)

Working from home once or twice a week can be a welcome relief.

However, at the moment an unprecedented percentage of office workers are now working from their home office (or whatever space they can find!).

This can be a difficult adjustment, so it’s essential your staff are as prepared as possible for these sweeping changes.

Moreover, it’s essential that your employees are as educated as possible on how to get the very best out of their home workspace.

Therefore, we’re continuing our series on how to make a more productive home office, with four more helpful tips.

Remove Distractions

One of the very first steps your staff simply must take to create a productive home working set-up, is to remove any distractions.

At Niche Projects, reducing and removing distraction is always at the forefront of our minds when completing a Sydney office fit-out and office design.

Whether the distractions are in the form of noise, visuals or something else, it’s essential to remove them to maintain a productive space.

It could involve you moving to a different part of your house or setting up partitions. However you do it, ensure the distractions are addressed.

Declutter Your Office Space

Removing commercial waste regularly is an essential part of making any busy office as safe and productive as possible.

The same principles apply for your home office or workspace.

Office junk that piles up will become a distraction, impeding your productivity and efficiency when trying to complete your work.

Moreover, it can become a health and safety hazard. For instance, piles of office junk on your floor present a trip and fall hazard.

Therefore, ensure you declutter your home office or workspace consistently, to make your space as productive as possible.

Take Regular Breaks

Whilst regular breaks were once regarded as an opportunity for staff to slack off, research has actually shown they can improve productivity.

At Niche Projects, we often complete a Sydney office fit-out with spaces designed to give employees the most relaxing breaks possible.

This is no different when working at home, where balance is key.

Therefore, ensure your staff are taking a short break every hour or two. Stretch, hydrate and rest the eyes… and their productivity will benefit greatly.

Good Connectivity

Connectivity is essential when working remotely or from home.

It’s quite simple; without a good broadband connection, your staff won’t be able to complete their work efficiently, if at all.

Issues with connectivity can kill productivity, create stress for your employees and even jeopardise your business.

Therefore, ensure communication is open with employees to make sure their connection allows them to complete their work.

If they are having issues, be ready to step in and help. That way, their transition from office based to remote working will be as smooth as possible.

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