Sydney Office Fit-Out: Designing for Better Airflow

Good airflow is absolutely essential to the comfort and wellbeing of your staff.

This is because it means better air quality in your working environment, which then has a great effect on the health, alertness and productivity of staff.

Therefore, it’s so important that when you are designing and completing an office fit-out, airflow is one of your primary concerns.

Here are a few ways to ensure good airflow and air quality throughout your office.

Design for Flow

Some design aspects of your office can do plenty to promote good movement of air and light in your space.

For example, an exposed roof allows air to travel and circulate more freely throughout your workspace, ensuring all areas receive ample fresh air.

Open plan offices also receive better airflow, but air filters and plants must be utilised here to keep the air fresh.

Keep these options in mind when designing your office fit-out.

Open Channels

A tight, enclosed office area will simply not promote good airflow.

Partitions (particularly roof high) will smother the flow of fresh oxygen throughout your office, as will a tight layout.

Therefore, ensure there are adequate passages for fresh air to flow through, reaching every part of your office.

This is a crucial part of a successful office fit-out.

Choose Furniture Wisely

The items that you furnish your office with can actually affect airflow too.

For example, large storage units and bulky workstations can impede the movement of fresh air throughout the space, creating spaces with stale air.

Therefore, keep in mind the flow of air through your space when selecting furniture and other items for your office.

Employ Plants

Plants are worth their weight in gold when it comes to air quality in an office.

Affordable and useful as partitions and decorations, plants have excellent health and wellbeing benefits for your staff.

At the design stage of an office fit-out, we can work with you to plan for plenty of greenery and natural elements in the office.

Moreover, we can even explore options like creating a green wall, or specific green spaces where your staff can relax.

All of this will help to promote better airflow and air quality in your building, as well as to help create a sustainable and green workspace.

Install the Best Air Filters

Air filters are essential in an enclosed space like an office.

The best filters and air conditioning systems must be installed during your office fit-out, as the benefits for your staff will be enormous.

Your staff will see better productivity and health, as will your business.

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