Sydney Office Fit-Out: The Importance of Distance in the Office

The distance between the staff in your office is an important and often overlooked ingredient in the recipe for business success.

There are so many benefits to having your workers appropriately spaced out; meaning they aren’t too close to each other, or too far away.

Plan that distance appropriately when you are thinking about completing a Sydney office fit-out. Here are some of the benefits of getting that distance just right.

Better Communication

The closer your staff and teams are, the easier it will be for them to communicate.

Communication is a crucial consideration for any office fit-out, and whilst email and phone calls are always accessible, there’s still nothing like having a chat face to face.

This kind of communication helps to iron out the inefficiency of miscommunication, which often occurs through wordy emails and phone calls.

Moreover, it helps your staff to become more familiar with each other, which also encourages socialisation and better working relationships.

Therefore, take communication into consideration when you’re completing your next Sydney office fit-out.

More Idea Collision

Every forward-thinking business should be doing their best to encourage idea collisions between staff in the office.

These collisions, often involving staff from different departments of your business, can result in dynamic thinking and great process improvements for your business.

Fostering collisions cannot happen if your staff aren’t able to communicate effectively. Think about this when you plan for your Sydney office fit-out.


Staff that are in confined areas, or too close to other workers, will be much more likely to become stressed out at work.

On the other hand, employees who are well spaced out report lower levels of stress, and as a result are better at their jobs.

Noise pollution is another problem that is exacerbated by close proximity to other staff members or machines like printers and copiers.

Reducing the impact of this with a professional Sydney office fit-out will create a much more relaxed atmosphere for your employees.


When the amount of space between workers and teams is perfect, the productivity of your staff will improve drastically.

This comes from a combination of the benefits that we’ve mentioned above and has a fantastic impact on the output of your business as a whole.

Getting the distancing right between staff and teams is an essential part of a professional Sydney office fit-out, and one we at Niche Projects can help you with.

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